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Old 9th February 2017, 7:18 PM   #31
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i used to play pool of radiance and moria on a system very similar to this one back in the day... when VESA was all the rage... oh the memories *sigh*
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Old 24th February 2017, 11:22 AM   #32
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I remember hav ing a 2MB Tseng Labs ET6000 video card. One of my first PCI video cards after my old ISA cards. Now I have 2GB video card.. Amazing how the times change..
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Old 19th April 2017, 11:34 PM   #33
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Originally Posted by iMic View Post
I would like to find a genuine IBM keyboard for it at some point but somehow I doubt that will be an easy task.
I have a couple, you can't have the "correct" one from my 5150 but it's rubbish anyway, the layout is odd and some of the keys don't work properly.

But I have a couple of old Model M's and a Model F, any of which should be fine. I'll keep at least one or 2 but I think I have 5+.

Love your project and others like it:

Originally Posted by JustRight View Post
Very nice mate. It is always great to see these old machines up and running.

If you are interested check out my thread from 10 years ago about my own IBM PC XT. A 1986 model which I still have and is still a working system!

Or, my genuine IBM 'portable', which I also still have and is also still functional.

Yep I'm glad I'm not the only one still keen on these old things - bYrd has a thread about meet-ups so I'm hoping something gets off the ground in Melbourne

Also I've got a bucketload of the original software that came with my 5150, so if you need a copy of any of the programs I can try to assist - although I will have to find my stash of 360kb DD disks

Now just gotta track down an IBM 5100
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