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Old 26th December 2016, 8:58 AM   #31
paulos Thread Starter
Join Date: Dec 2016
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actually i dont think its accurate, im having a signed driver issue which i thought disabling on start up would fix but it even now i press benchmark and it looks like its loading or benchmarking but its not...
and on the benchmark last night i noticed the cpu was never really at 100% but fluctuation madly
only with XTU am i having this issue!

trying now on 4.8 1.380v after a few restarts i got the be XTu benchmark to actually start this time but the program stoped 10secs in, HWINFO64 showed on a short CPU useage and then back to idle, even though XTU was showing that it was currently benchmarking

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Old 26th December 2016, 7:37 PM   #32
maldotcom2's Avatar
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Sounds like a niggling instability. Bump the voltage a notch and see if it disappears. Unstable overclocks can corrupt system files or programs, so if you're failing benchmarks on settings that previously passed, that could be it.
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Old 15th February 2017, 9:56 AM   #33
paulos Thread Starter
Join Date: Dec 2016
Posts: 22

Thought id update just in case this information helps others

looks like XTU just doesnt run with this signed driver issue but i let that go
nothing else i use has such issues, as to which running my comp at 4.6-4.8ghz has been good for the last month or so.
no crashes in games like BF1, overwatch or Universe2
Having now applied Thermal grizzly Conductonaut to the IHS/chip/R1 heatsink
my temps are pretty good i will never see a temp over 68'c (i average 62ish'c) no matter the ambient (which lately has been 35'c+) at night with cooler temps i wont see anything over 60'c (52'c average) this is with playing hour after hour of BF1
this is running 4.8ghz at 1.390v, the cryorig R1 fan curve is steep running on average 80-90%
running at 4.6ghz is a dream with temps 50'c and under (gaming load)

just as a comparison a friend of mine got his 6700k and can so far manage 4.6ghz on 1.370v but on custom water loop temps around 65ish (full gaming load) not delided, no liquid metal used.

removing CLU from the ihs, chip and heatsink was fairly easy it does behave like a magnetic liquid it likes to ball up but not come off the surfaces, but ISO-proply does the trick. no staining on any of the surfaces, but one thing to note is the CLU between the IHS and chip did at one point run slightly off the chip onto the PCB into a little ball i had no idea until i took it apart to reapply but it made no difference to temps(indicating even less than the small amount of clu i used is still too much!). the nail polish i used over the two scratches from deliding look unchanged.

i have also used CLU on my G1 1080, pretty good results and after a week check no eating into the heatsink (just had to apply nail polish around the chip its self)

considering that i got into computers with this build (3months ago), liquid metal and deliding is pretty noob safe iff you do enough internet searching, make a plan, and take your time (in reference to spending 2 hours to de-lid with a stanley knife blade, bad choice of blade btw).
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Old 18th February 2017, 1:36 AM   #34
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Melbourne, Oztraya
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I delidded mine with a 3d printed tool, the guy on these forums sells them on ebay. Less than 30 seconds to complete and only because I took it real slow with the vice.

I dropped 20C at least by doing it with conductonaut which I also have on top of the IHS.

For a desktop socket + SLI laptop this thing is now extremely quiet and cool at idle
P370EM3940XM@4.3Ghz - 32Gb DDR3 - LG 1080p 120Hz - retrofitted TDP modded 1070 MXM SLI
still in bits: P870DM-G 6700K delid+LM @4.5GHz 1.185V - 32Gb DDR4-2666CL18 - 4K QFHD 17" - 980M SLI @1376/2950/1.06V
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Old 1st April 2017, 9:55 AM   #35
paulos Thread Starter
Join Date: Dec 2016
Posts: 22

finally some cooler temps so i thought i would try 5Ghz on AIR!!!

at 20c ambient iv managed 1.55v 5Ghz max temps of 67'c with heavy games and 75'c with P95
as expected not worth it when 4.9ghz comes at 1.48v

The voltage isnt dialled in, its just the first one i chose based on previous increments needed for 100mhz gain, i imagine there's not much left in reducing Vcore though.
4.6Ghz has been dialled in at 1.23v temps never above 48'c

Thought id share in case anyone else was feeling risky with the colder weather, colder temps= lower resistance= higher stability for a given voltage.
6700k 4.8ghz 1.390v corsair 3200mhz gigabyte G1 gtx 1080 cyrorig R1 Arctic accelero III
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