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Amiga 500+ 9 8.49%
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Amiga 1000 10 9.43%
Amiga 1200(HD) 36 33.96%
Amiga 1500 0 0%
Amiga 2000(HD) 19 17.92%
Amiga 2500(HD) 1 0.94%
Amiga 3000(T/UX) 4 3.77%
Amiga 4000(T) 8 7.55%
Amiga CDTV 2 1.89%
Amiga CD32 16 15.09%
Amiga Prototype (1000+/3000+/3500/Other) 0 0%
Amiga Compatible (Draco/Access/Minimig/Pegasos/MIST) 2 1.89%
AmigaOne (SE/XE/MicroA1) 2 1.89%
AmigaOne (500/X1000) 0 0%
Emulators - I don't have real Amigas anymore 20 18.87%
Emulators - I've never seen/owned a real Amiga, but wish I did! 4 3.77%
My Amigas are all original - no mods other than original expansion cards, accelerator cards, RAM cards, sidecars, floppies, and SCSI/IDE HDD's of the day. 15 14.15%
My Amigas feature modern-day modifications such as DVI/HDMI/IDE/SATA/USB/RAM/CPU/GOTEK and CF upgrades. 7 6.60%
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Old 20th March 2017, 1:40 PM   #2086
Mickatroid's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Canberra
Posts: 1,530

Prices for this stuff is always tricky. I have a wanted ad and promise to pay fair prices.

Sometimes I pay too much. Sometimes not enough, an original box A1000 with a PC compatible sidecar and monitor was offered to me for $150 recently. I actually told the seller it was way less than he could get for it elsewhere. I ended up buying it all for $150 though.

The other day a guy with an Amiga 2000 rang me from Sydney, I talked him into keeping it and suggested he come to this thread for help if he needed it.

The price will depend on how much cash I have, what I have bought lately, whether I have similar stuff already, and how the seller conducts themselves etc. too.

As for the 3000 I am a lucky bugger. Just hope I can fix it. If not I will ship the mobo to someone who can.

Derek, if I find a plus I will let you know. I am still chasing a mint rev 6 a2000 board...
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Old 25th March 2017, 8:42 PM   #2087
bYrd's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2001
Location: NE Melbourne
Posts: 1,718

Thanks to OCAU member adz, I now have a booting but decidely flaky A2000! Adz kindly donated to me an A520 modulator as I didn't have the correct monitor to display a colour palette to diagnose what appeared to be a failed internal test.

The A2000 was picked up cheaply a couple of months ago, and displayed little life due to significant battery corrision around the 68000 CPU. I replaced the socket and CPU (not that fun a job), from here it displayed a "coloured" screen off composite video and went no further. All chips were reseated to no avail.

Of course I couldn't tell what fault colour the A2000 was complaining about until I could use the A520 modulator. It displayed a dark blue screen then a series of grey screens before settling on a light grey one. This suggested a software or CIA problem. I had a donor dead A500 board, and switched over both CIA chips. Imagine my surprise to see it come up with an AmigaDOS screen

The A2000HD/50MB has a Kickstart 1.3/2.0 ROM switcher, SCSI card (with 2MB fastram) and PC x8086 card. It boots up to Workbench 2.0 with a series of productivity apps installed, in bogan style Western Bulldogs theme complete with Bulldog icons

My issue now is it quickly crashes when I double click on any applications or icons. Sometimes there is some minor graphical corruption but I can still move the mouse. The PSU checks out OK (+12.3V, -12.3V, +5.3V, -5.2V), and I've reseated all the chips (and cleaned sockets with electronic contact cleaner)

I wonder if the HD is shot or the RAM could also be flaking out. Now I've a booting machine, is there any sort of hardware/RAM test utility I could try?

Also, how do I get it to display the white/blue insert WorkBench screen? It only ever comes up to AmigaDOS. I've a flashed Cortex drive, but it doesn't seem to want to do much with that at the moment.



EDIT: one of the CIA chips was put in wrong, now its solid

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Old 25th March 2017, 10:35 PM   #2088
ˇViva la Resolutión!
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Join Date: Jun 2001
Location: At a desk. Distro:Ubuntu
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Originally Posted by bYrd View Post
Also, how do I get it to display the white/blue insert WorkBench screen? It only ever comes up to AmigaDOS.
If using Kickstart 2.x or above, hold down both mouse buttons when the Amiga resets to bring up the startup menu.

When using Kickstart 1.x, the floppy will generally have boot precedence unless the HDD priority has been increased above it, in which case you'll need to change that with HDToolbox.
If practice makes perfect, and nobody's perfect, why practice?
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Old Yesterday, 12:28 PM   #2089
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Join Date: Oct 2003
Location: Melbourne
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Originally Posted by bYrd View Post
EDIT: one of the CIA chips was put in wrong, now its solid
Glad to hear it's working Now to order yourself a nice IndiVision ECS
Commodore Amiga A600HD | MC68000@7.14MHz | 2MB Chip RAM | 8MB Fast RAM | Indivision ECS | 2GB CF Card | Commodore 30W PSU | Integrated Keyboard | Commodore Mouse - Alive again...sort of :\

Victoria - The $afety State
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