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I wish they rolled it out using the nerd index...
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yeah well I just reported my own post...ferk....
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Is there a split with CVC whether it is domestic traffic vs international? or is it just bandwidth at the POI?

I'm with Telstra and recently noticed some congestion issues with streaming international content. Netflix is ok.

On another note, I've heard rumours that there is Netflix open connect setup at the POI's to help RSP's out with CVC bandwidth - is this myth or fact?
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a CVC doesn't differentiate at all between types of traffic other than the traffic classes NBN allows the access seeker to order. layer 3 routing is entirely done by the ISP.

there is absolutely no such 3rd party integration at the POI. the POI simply aggregates all of the access seeker's traffic and hands it to them. what they do with it at their POP is up to them.

think of the NBN network like a managed layer 2 switch. multiple client ports just get aggregated to a WAN port. you can configure VLANs, QoS, bandwidth etc but it's simply a layer 2 aggregation network.
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How do you know when the kids are home from school...

Originally Posted by caspian View Post
PM me your address and I'll double check.

I wanted to wait until this afternoon just to make sure, but the above speedtest is pretty much the same shit as the past 3 days.

I'll sling you that PM
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