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Originally Posted by MUTMAN View Post
that 20ghz single core will be so inefficient. imagine the pipeline length. ohh no. we hit a prediction fail. flush those 178,000 stages and start again. hahahahha. so retarded it hurts to think about it.

let the mental pygmies have their 20ghz single core cpu.
ill have a 1600x thanks
I mean, if you have a 20GHz CPU with exactly the same architecture and IPC as each core of a quad core 5GHz CPU, the 20GHz CPU will always be better.

For a comparision that's actually physically possible though, you can buy a quad core CPU, run all four cores at 1GHz, and then compare the results to the same chip running at 4GHz with three of the four cores disabled.
You'll find that the one core at 4GHz will beat the four cores at 1GHz.

Of course the reason we have multi core CPU's instead of just trying to make one really fast core is because the laws of physics prevent us from just ramping up the clock speeds, and it's also getting more and more difficult to increase IPC.
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