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Originally Posted by caspian View Post
DOCIS 3.1 will increase peak available speeds on HFC. should be along sometime in Q1Y2018 I think, as long as all goes well.

you might even have a lead-in by then!
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ABB only offers it on 2 POIs and won't offer it until they have enough subscribers and CVC to support it.

Otherwise I'd have it already
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Well yesterday was interesting, Internet's been fine aside from Youtube still being slower than a snail to buffer but yesterday Telstra cut our home phone off because our net's with Internode, we didn't plan on getting VOIP so soon but had no choice, signed up to the Nodephone last night.

So that was fun, also thinking of changing to the NBN Platinum plan because screw it' it's only $10 extra for double our current speed.
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Originally Posted by caspian View Post
in your case you'll see about 9-10Mbps improvement. annoying is barely the word, you should see the amount of work that went into developing that tool for precisely that use, for the very reason the industry requested it!

the latter. what's there is there, as long as it meets minimum expectations then it won't be touched.
Just a little update on my NBN journey... I decided to give Telstra a call to see if they could tell me how much longer until the co-existence period ends in my area (since the speeds haven't changed at all and it's been almost 22 months since RFS).

The person I spoke to today is now saying there is a fault with the connection outside of my house according to the NBN diagnostic check he did. Shouldn't they have picked that up last time I called?

It's been escalated to their second level NBN team... I just hope this "fault" isn't just an excuse to get me off the phone
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18 month is just the earliest that coexistence can be ended, it can be longer depending on circumstances. there's still some development going on in that area (I am involved in the project) so Telstra won't have an answer to give you yet.

I kind of have some doubts about the "fault", the longer I go the less confidence I have that those people have any idea how to use the provided tools accurately. I can have a look if you like, but I will need your details again, I cleaned out my inbox some time ago, sorry.

Please do not contact me directly for advice on NBN related issues. Your ISP is your contact point for support. If they can't or more likely won't help you, why are you rewarding them with your business?

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