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Default [FIXED] Installer payload failed signature check bla bla bla

Hi all,

I'm trying to install OS X onto an old Mac Pro using Sierra. When I get to the end of the installation, I get that dreaded error message "Package failed signature validation check" or whatever bollocks it is.

I've checked the time and it's correct, I've used ntpdate to sync the clock correctly from the installer and I still get that message.

Does anyone else have any tricks that I can use to get past this problem?

(Used 10.11 and got a different error, fortunately this was at the BEGINNING of the install process)


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While reading How can I factory reset a MBP without an Apple ID?, I went to the DiskMaker X site and was reading the FAQ there, and found this little gem:
I encounter this message:
“This copy of the Install OS X [OS X Name] application can’t be verified. It may have been corrupted or tampered with during downloading.”

Due to an expiration of OS X App Store certificates, installers of OS X downloaded prior to February 14th of 2016 can’t be used to re-install OS X without encoutering this error. This is not a problem with DiskMaker X per se, but with the installers provided by Apple.
RAGE. So this means that any of your installers that were downloaded before the 14th Feb'16 won't work if the date on the machine you are trying to install to is set to after the 16th Feb'16!!!

I've confirmed this behavior by using the Terminal application in macOS setup, and setting the date on the Mac Pro to midnight 1st Feb 2016:
#date 0201000016
And the installation of macOS proceeds correctly and successfully! IN YOUR FACE, APPLE! (Note, update the time/date once your installation has finished successfully!)

I hope that this helps everyone who has encountered this problem!
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