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Old 28th March 2017, 8:16 AM   #16
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Originally Posted by terrastrife View Post
Did you test that? The Intel 600p are around 150-200MB/sec, and the Samsung 850 Evos are around 70-80MB/sec
Sequential read/write tested using AS SSD set to a 10gb file.
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Old 28th March 2017, 11:18 AM   #17
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from memory the low end ssd's don't have a front end ram chip for cache. so for an everday machine for a pleb, probably not so big a deal, the IOPS are perceptible better then spinning rust so its a win for a normal jo. But for us folk, it is perceptible.

Having said that i run the exact same model sandisk ssd plus 240GB, in this POS work HP laptop, and compared to the shitty 5400rpm spinning rust its night and day. having said that there is a reason why my home box has a samsung 960 pro m.2 in it
Originally Posted by elvis View Post
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Hi All,

Got the Sandisk SSD Plus in the end, I figured I'd try it out.

On a 32-bit machine with 4GB of RAM and integrated graphics, the SSD scores the best figure in the "Windows Experience Index". Not exactly the best metric in the world, but I figure there's not a huge deal to be gained by paying twice as much for a faster drive:

Click to view full size!
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