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Old 3rd May 2017, 5:50 PM   #436
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so I'm now the proud owner of an x34... just trying to work out if it has any issues... I'm running it at 90hz... tried 100hz and it looked fine, i'm just paranoid after reading people ran theirs at 100 and it developed issues after a couple weeks so figured 90 is fine... what else do I look for? I'm trying to find flaws with it, but it seems perfect to me... black light bleed is nowhere near as bad as on my old 27" 144hz ASUS so I find it acceptable... not seeing the scanline issue (even at 100hz)... am I missing something? or have I been lucky to not have an issue?
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Old 3rd May 2017, 9:56 PM   #437
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I've had mine on 100hz since I bought it weeks ago

No issue
Current rig: CPU i7 5960X - Mobo MSI x99 pro carbon - GPU 2x Titan X (pascal) - Ram 16gig DDR4 2666 G*skill - Case Custom little devil V8 - Monitor Phillips 40" 4k
Cooling - Custom water loop - 360 rad x 2 - 480 x 1 - acrylic hard tube
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Old 4th May 2017, 9:32 AM   #438
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Had mine @ 100hz for 18 months also I've had this stand since new, no problems, free up desk space http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/400607951307 had to pick up a longer dp cable (alogic) also I've gently massaged the edge bleed out with a microfiber cloth when cleaning over this time (as with my TVs over the years).
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