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Old Yesterday, 5:47 PM   #826
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So haven't been following this thread and the net is suppose to be getting connected tomorrow. Do these NBN dudes always turn up for appointments or has there been cases of no-shows?
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Old Yesterday, 5:50 PM   #827
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Originally Posted by [AFX]Northy View Post
Booked in for the 10th of July, If they get it right this will be 5 weeks after their initial effort.
There were 4 trucks out the front today all of them in the NBN pits, Turns out the entire area is not finished and wont be until at least the 19th of next month. So the guy who shows up for the appointment on the 10th is not going to be able to do much at all.

Its not hard to see where all the extra money went....
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Old Yesterday, 7:30 PM   #828
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Haha come on! They're not the brightest bunch, latest laugh I had at their expense came this week when making another connection application only to realise that over the last few weeks they've updated their application process;

Click to view full size!

Cant see it?

Not bad value considering it was all correct before the change...

Did someone order a ferarri?
Originally Posted by Agg View Post
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Old Yesterday, 11:09 PM   #829
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Originally Posted by Skramit View Post
Looking at the Aussie Broadband $80 100/40 plan for 500GB. Anyone have anything bad to say about Aussie Broadband?
Brother signed up yesterday, so far so good, and local support.
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Dezza Bot
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Officially the service is ready to go and the suburb is marked as completed on the rollout map. In actuality there's still nothing, and no eta.
I should probably put something here.
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