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I have a love hate relationship with Nintendo, ever since the N64 they have been on a steady decline. The N64 was stellar. Absolutely stellar.

The GC not so much, but was respectable. Wii picked things up from an innovation standpoint and some good games which eventually dried up and withered out. Wii U was even worse. They had some much potential and yet have really let things slip.

Maybe they don't give a shit. Maybe they're content with their hand helds, which I don't really give 2 shits about. I want to enjoy my games on a screen.

I did play BOTW on the hand held, it's a neat idea, good clarity and all, but you really need to play with a normal controller and TV, especially with big hands!

My brother finished BOTW last night and here is our conundrum.

Nintendo PISS us off. We're sitting here twiddling our thumbs after completing Zelda waiting for some new games.

However, we both agreed, Zelda packs so much punch, the system itself was easily worth the $400 paid for it, for that game alone. That might come as a shock to many, but put it this way. I've got a PS4 with about 10 games. All of them titles in the 8 or 9 out of ten range. Their gameplay in terms of hrs/game is basically the equivalent I got out of Zelda.

Not to mention, BOTW could possibly be the best game I have played. It is definitely up there. Apart from the way you can easily become overpowered in the game, with a flaccid easy ending, the game itself is a masterpiece, and if Nintendo continue to release zelda's of that calibre, I could honestly say I would buy a Nintendo console if that was the ONLY game they were ever going to release on it.
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