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Originally Posted by lazyboy1984 View Post
Do you use them long enough to give them a chance to die?

I try and use hardware until they fail

Had 4 total MB failures:
- A pair of Epox MBs (good old days) fail completely due to caps
- 1 gigabyte board die (24/7 FTP fileserver use for roughly 10 years)
- 1 gigabyte board die because my watercooling loop leaked and shorted the thing out. It kept working with some faulty ram slots for another 3 years until it failed all together.
I'm running a 2600k and X58 based systems, both on the same mobo's from new, one fairly heavily overclocked. I've run Pentium 3 era servers in my garage in the most horrible conditions imaginable for PC hardware 24/7 for years without issue. The only mobo I ever had failing caps on was my old BE6-II and I fixed that myself, wish I still had that board.
Show us yer HTPC!

Dell T5500, Xeon X5675 Hex core @ 3.46Ghz max, 24GB RAM, GTX 670FTW, 60GB OCZ Vertex 3 SSD OS drive, 2 x 1TB home/storage drives, Dual Acer V243HQ 1920 x 1080 monitors, Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS and loving it!
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