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In all but the highest tier of CPUS, AMD are competitive. Most people don't need i7 performance. Facebook and word don't take that much CPU power.

price/performance they are not bad value.

There is no real reason why Intel have so much more market share than AMD. For the end user there is very little difference between the two.

I don't think dodgy benchmarks have anything to do with the gap though. Most people wouldn't know a thing about CPU performance. They buy products, not performance. It has a lot more to do with marketing and OEM contracts with OEM marketing.

There is also the rise of ARM. x86 is fast becoming a niche in the consumer market.

AMD might drop a bombshell with Zen and I bet it wont change diddely squat. AMD will move a few more high end parts as enthusiasts try out their new offerings but in the mainstream it wont matter. i5/i7 is all people think of and with out some seriously clever marketing (ie not like the video in the OP), they wont get penetration regardless of performance and not without successive highly competitive generations, which will be 5+ years.
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