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Originally Posted by dasa2 View Post
fairly sure gskill 3733 17-17-17 available in au uses the same samsung b die chips used on the 3200c14 kits so you just set them manually
but i have to agree having imported the 3200c14 kit myself back when it was cheaper and seeing the few kits of it that have made it into au with a asking price about double what it should be
yeah, agree, ive always preferred low latency kits compared to higher frequency.

love to tweak, see how strong certain IMC's are. My 5960x is a golden one, 4.5ghz 1.21V, run 3400 c14 with 8x8gb sticks installed. which from reading is well above average for 5960x's

for instance with tweaking

my GSkill 3000 C15 ripjaws would do 3333 C14 with volts on my 6700K, but on x99 (5820k) couldnt run them past 3200 c15.

since i split my 64GB 3200c14 kit between the x370 and x99, intend to see the 1800x imc vs the 5960x imc

hoping bios updates with ryzen allow me to actually run 3200 c14. they are currently running 2133 c14. as wont boot with 4 sticks installed at any speeds above 2133.
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