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Old 21st April 2017, 11:15 PM   #10936
The Mafia
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Originally Posted by domsmith View Post
Get a LSI SAS 9211-8i

Then disconnect the SAS connector that's connecting the current 4 drives and attach it to the card instead of the motherboard.

Then you can buy a separate SAS to 4 SATA cables and plug an additional two drives in the top of the case

You will also need a power splitter to power the additional hard drives. You will need to purchase a mounting kit like the one I used https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nexus-Antiv.../dp/B001AZHS04

I am not sure about the RAID abilities of the card but if you flash the card to IT bios version 18 or above then it should function quite nicely with ZFS RAIDZ2

All drives will be seen as sata drives and if you use freenas you can use the internal usb port to install freenas on.
Hey mate. I have the LSI 8i card and the HP clone. For some reason my test server won't bott with the HP card. The LSI card boots *sometimes* and when it does all network ports are no longer detected.

Once I got it up and running, (used a USB 3 network adapter) I installed 4x 3TB hard disks, and 2x 120gig Intel 330 SSDs, and a single random 120gig to boot off using the onboard single SATA connector.

Now I'm not sure if the Server itself has shit itself, or it's the card because when I started the server bare with no cards it go stuck in a reboot loop. After it preposted it would reboot.

Once I got it running and booting with the LSI card I installed Server2016 and set up tiered storage spaces via powershell.

Now we all know windows software parity is absolute shit. (200meg /sec reads, 30meg/sec writes)

With tiered storage (SSD mirror, and HDD parity), I was getting 800-1100meg/sec Reads, and 500meg/sec writes. It was as fast as hell.

Then I formatted the boot drive and installed windows 10. It detected the existing storage space and worked 100%.

Then I deleted the storage space, and recreated it in Windows 10 using the same powershell commands again, and it works exactly the same.

I'm just in the process of working out how I can make windows send me an email when a disk fails. I'm thinking a powershell command that runs every 30mins and if it returns a bad value to send an email.

I'll also get it to send me a report once per week just for shits and giggles.

So yes, Windows 10 supports tiered storage.

Also, how many of you are using the HP provisioning to set up windows 10 if you are using it as the OS? It works fine and installs all drivers thinking you are setting up server 2016.

You can also download and run the HP smart update manager within windows and update all of your firmware and drivers automatically.

If anyone is interested in the powershell commands let me know. I could do with some help understanding a few of them.

One more thing, to make the tiered storage spaces almost bullet proof, there are a couple of extras you can do.

1. Buy 2x SSDs with capacitors. Intel lists all of theirs that do and the Intel 320 SSD is a cheap one that does. I'm going to use 2x 240gig Skull trail SSDs. If you lose power, the SSDs have enough capacitor to flush their caches to flash.

2. Tiered storage spaces supports REFS. It's pretty tough. Recovers from almost anything so another bonus.

Just my experiences, if you have any input, I would love to hear it.
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Old 22nd April 2017, 12:07 AM   #10937
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Can anyone tell me if the newer XEON Microservers (branded as HPE) require HP Enterprise drives?

Having an issue with one, and I think HP are trying to tell me (without telling me) that they now require HPE drives.
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