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Originally Posted by shawns_maggot View Post
I'm not really bothered to be honest. Whatever is going to give me the best sound within my budget!

I listen to a huge range of music. Everything from Folk, Classical, Metal, Modern electronic. Pretty much everything.

I have an old set of Z5500's (in the same room) connected up to my PS4 so that takes care of my need for loud, overly bassy music.

My thinking was going for a soundcard instead of a DAC would also be allow for better gaming audio with my headphones plugged into soundcard - is that true?
Depends on the soundcard and the DAC.

Here are the following options for you

Sound card only + self amplified speakers - A good sound card goes along way. Will not amp headphones well so you may need a seperate amp.

USB DAC + self amplifed speakers - same as above. Gotta get a good DAC.

Sound card + Optical / Coax DAC + self amplified speakers. This will give you the best EQ and noise free audio generally. Both have to be fairly good quality

With the above options you can also add a amplifer + normal passive monitors + sub woofer.

Personally I would get the following kit with your budget
USB DAC - Asus Sonar U7. I've only ever head good things about them
Speakers - Klipsch R-15PM - Copper drivers . Tight and clear monitors
Alt speakers - JBL LSR305

I'd get a sub only if I needed it at a later time
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