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Default Windows 10 - Everything you need to know

Please DO NOT reply to this thread unless you have a proper guide to share, if not your post will be deleted or moved out of this thread.

This is so we can focus for now on expanding and properly organising this thread with relevant information, various guides and tutorials and other stuff that can be copied/made in this thread for ALL versions of Windows to be the mega helpful how-to thread.

Important Thread Information
Originally Posted by Got any new information?

If you have anything that can be added or changed in this thread, feel free to PM me Revenger any new info, revisions, changes, suggestions etc.

This thread should be run by majority community input, so unless I'm given information and sources on what is discussed in the multiple posts this thread, its FaQ and other sections may not get updated.

If you want to keep the information in this thread current and updated you need to keep me updated with any information you come across.
I can't do 100% of the work in this thread with keeping such a large FaQ section maintained only by myself and my own research.

So far I 'Revenger' have sourced, written and worded most of my posts myself in this thread with the exception of the official FaQ post which I annotated with my synopsis on the official information. It would be nice to be thanked occasionally in various ways for the work I have and will put into this thread keeping it updated with hopfully unbiased and properly and correctly done information.

If you have any problem with any of my posts here please PM me and voice your concerns openly.
Originally Posted by Searching the thread

You should be able to search this thread or sections for relevant information.
If you cannot find anything or easily please let me know and I'll add it in or change how its written so it is.
Originally Posted by Thread Tags

In order to help maintain the thread easy for updates there are use of tags on the FaQ's and sections.
New information have a tag **New: (DATE)** attached to them.
Updates have a **Updated: (DATE)** attached.

Please note: some stuff may be updated or edited without a tag attached.
If the tags are too old and haven't been removed which will happen from time to time please message Revenger or a admin here with what a tag is on so we can remove them.
This post to start is about Windows 10 but later will be revised to be about all Windows on common info and links if the demand requires it.
Very helpful windows guides for all Windows aspects that members create can be moved / reposted and preserved and linked in this thread so the info burred and lost.

If you see a good thread on OCAU or elsewhere on the internet ask to get it listed in the sections below.

Various Good Links
Originally Posted by Various Good Links

Common Threads:
The BIG Windows 10 thread (Consolidated talk all things Windows 10)
Windows10 Free Upgrade: Will you or wont you? (Brag about why you are or aren't upgrading to Win 10)
Where can a man buy Windows 10 TODAY? (Retail talk and Pricing)
Microsoft finally kills off Media Centre (Everything about Microsoft's Media Centre)
MDT Discussion (Discuss Microsoft's Deployment Toolkit) **New: 20/8/2015**

Microsoft Official Links: **Updated: 20/8/2015**
Official Windows Homepage
Official Windows 10 FaQ
Windows System Requirements
Official Windows Insider page
Official Microsoft Privacy Statement *Updated July 2015* **New: 11/8/2015**
Official Windows 10 Privacy Information FaQ **New: 11/8/2015**
Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts **New: 20/8/2015**

Microsoft Other Links: **New: 11/8/2015**
Gabriel Aul's Windows Blogs (Blogs about insider and Official Windows development)
Gabriel Aul's Twitter (Gabe has been the online public voice behined all the Windows Insider and rollout information)

Official Windows Download Links: **Updated: 20/8/2015**
Media Creation tool (The official tool to download ISO's and create Media) **New: 15/8/2015**
Tech Bench / Windows ISO downloads (Contains combined Home & Pro ISO's and Windows documentation and howtos in for download Note: Can use on ALL systems) **New: 15/8/2015**
Windows ISO downloads (Contains combined Home & Pro ISO's you can download. Note: For use on non Windows systems) **New: 15/8/2015**
Auto updates show/hide tool (Tool to temporary hide updates from showing in Windows 10) **New: 15/8/2015**
Internet Explorer (Link to download Internet Explorer 11) **New: 15/8/2015**
Remote Server Admin Tools (Manage Windows Server 2015 from a remote computer running the full release version of Windows 10) **New: 20/8/2015**

Useful Links: **New: 17/8/2015**
Wikipedia Windows 10 editions (All the feature comparisons between editions colored) **New: 17/8/2015**

Useful Software: **New: 15/8/2015**
Start 10 (Start menu replacement) **New: 15/8/2015**
Classic Shell (Start menu replacement) **New: 15/8/2015**

Windows 10 specific posts in this thread
Originally Posted by Windows 10 Specific Posts

What is Windows 10
Post explaining what windows 10 is all about.

Official FaQ's (The important bits for more info read the official links of the various FaQ's)
The important bits copied from the various Official Frequently asked Questions.

FaQ Basics and Logic (The stuff not covered in the Official FaQ)
This is the mega FaQ, nearly all the general Frequently asked Questions, some are similar to official ones.
May be split up into sections based on types of questions if demand is warranted and if people have ideas about it.

OCAU Quickstart Install Guides
Jump straight in and read the howto's on quickly upgrading, clean installs and get running with Windows 10 with minimal fuss.

Video tutorials: Free Windows 10 in-place upgrade and clean installation
philscomputerlab has created some install guide videos to help you with installing Windows 10.
Windows 10 helpful threads and posts
Originally Posted by Windows 10 Helpful stuff outside this thread

Recommend some helpful posts to get this section filled in.
Other Useful Information
Originally Posted by General Useful Information

Cleaning old Windows data
You may want to clean old Windows files to free up disk space.

Autounattended for Beginners also with Advanced options
Learn to create a unattended installation of windows (Will need updating for Windows 10)
Originally Posted by Have a problem? and communication info

When describing a problem or asking for advice or even commenting on someone else's posts in a thread please provide all the information so people can assist you better.
A brief comment like 'Upgrade Failed PLZ Halp!!!' isn't going to help anyone solve your problem.
Please provide all relevant information steps that led you there and screenshots along the way even with helping someone to solve a issue.
Sometimes trying a second time or turning it off and on again can help solve a issue you may be having.
**Updated: 15/8/2015**
Originally Posted by Want something changed in Windows, suggest it in the Feedback App

No matter what it is, from the start menu, Windows Update, the new settings app, more privacy controls, even if you think a color is too bright on a icon or want Aero back, it cannot be stressed enough.

Also upvote any suggestions you think are worthy.

Anything and everything goes no matter how small or unimportant you think it is Microsoft wants to know about it and keeps tweeting as such and if enough people want the same thing Microsoft will change it.
You all have a chance to make a difference in Windows and get your suggestions heard and implemented, choosing not to suggest something you practically forfeit your right to have a voice on things you either like or dislike or have an opinion on.
Do not constantly bicker back and forth on OCAU about things you don't like or want changed, make your voice heard in the Feedback App.
Please Note: In extreme circumstances with bickering one may receive an warning or a short holiday from here.

Originally Posted by A snip of some of Gabes many tweets on this

Gabriel Aul ‏@GabeAul Aug 9
Please upvote the suggestions in the Feedback app.

Gabriel Aul ‏@GabeAul Aug 13
Should we? Suggest what you want in Feedback app.

Gabriel Aul ‏@GabeAul Aug 13
Yes, we'll continue to work on the Feedback app. Please enter your suggestions there so others can upvote too.

Gabriel Aul ‏@GabeAul Aug 14
please report problems using the Feedback app and we'll investigate
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Default What is Windows 10

What is Windows 10
Originally Posted by Whats everything about?

Windows 10 is the latest operating system platform from Microsoft designed to be the one platform for all things Desktop, Mobile, Xbox One, Integrated devices and other things powered by Microsoft's core Kernel architecture.
Windows 10 Unifies architecture into one core code and instruction set used over many devices and platforms.
Windows 10 is designed to have a 10 year at least life cycle with regular upgrades and updates with major upgrades part of the service.
As a result Windows is no longer a static product but a dynamic one evolving and changing as time goes on with new features and updates that would normally be reserved for future versions of Windows.
As such Microsoft has changed and are calling themselves a hardware and services company, where Windows is now a platform service you use, much like Valves Steam platform service and like platforms of many others, there are no subscription fees with ongoing support and changes where revenue comes from partnerships, licensing, app store, Xbox marketplace and various Microsoft products and services sold like Office 365 and Azure.

Windows does have a initial one time license cost for Retail and per motherboard/device for OEM, it is not subscription based.
OEM devices, the cost is usually integrated into the device purchase for laptops and tablets etc.
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Default Windows 10 - Official FaQ (The important bits for more info read the FaQ.)

Official Windows 10 FAQ's the important bits. for more info read the FAQ's.

Rewritten In parts for OCAU, the specific guides and information etc are in the quotes below this

Originally Posted by Official FaQ

Is the upgrade really free?
Yes, it’s free. This is a full version of Windows, not a trial or introductory version. It is available for a limited time: you have until 29 July 2016 to take advantage of this offer. Once you upgrade, you’ll have Windows 10 for free on that device and very likely future updates 10.1, 10.2 etc.

How much does Windows 10 cost?
The easiest way to get Windows 10 is to upgrade for free.1 Just click the Get Windows 10 app to get started.

You may also purchase a copy of Windows 10 if you decide not to upgrade, or if you need to purchase a copy for other reasons like installing Windows 10 on a PC you built yourself.

Check your local retailer for pricing.

How do I get my free upgrade?
You can do one of two things:

1.Buy a new Windows 8.1 device and upgrade it to Windows 10 for free
2. Upgrade your existing Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 OEM/Retail PC for free

Not every device will run every feature of Windows 10. Make sure that you check with your manufacturer before purchasing. Additional details on upgrade qualifications are below and on the Windows 10 specifications page.

Why haven’t I got my upgrade notification yet?
We are rolling the upgrades out in phases to manage high demand and to make sure that your upgrade is right for your device. You might not have received a notification because we are working on a specific compatibility fix for your device, or it could be because of the overall volume of devices upgrading to Windows 10. Your upgrade notification will arrive when your device is ready to upgrade. You can check the status of your upgrade at any time in the Get Windows 10 app.

For a recommended install guide read the, OCAU Quickstart Install Guide (Media Creator Tool) guide below and the actual upgrade / clean install guides after that if you need help installing Windows 10

If I buy a new PC today, can it be upgraded to Windows 10?
Yes, you can buy a new device with confidence that it will run Windows 10. While many new devices will come with Windows 10 installed, we designed Windows 10 to be compatible with new devices running Windows 8.1, and you can get Windows 10 through the free upgrade. Some features of Windows 10 may not be available on every device. Check with the device manufacturer for details.

Can I get my free Windows 10 upgrade even if I didn’t reserve?
Yes, you can still get your free upgrade. Making a reservation is the first step. To reserve, click here.

What if I have more than one Windows device – can I upgrade them all?
Yes, you can get a free upgrade for each of your eligible Windows devices. All you need to do is open the Get Windows 10 app and click “Reserve” on each of your devices.

You can also upgrade multiple devices by using a USB drive. This is helpful if you only want to download the installation files once, and don’t mind manually beginning the upgrade on each device.

What edition of Windows will I get as part of this free upgrade?
When you upgrade, you’ll stay on like-to-like editions of Windows. For example, Windows 7 Home Premium will upgrade to Windows 10 Home.

You will also stay on like to like Retail / OEM also.

For example Retail Windows 7/8.1 Pro/Ultimate x64 will qualify for Windows 10 Pro Retail x64
Windows 7/8.1 Home OEM x86 will qualify for Windows 10 Home OEM x86
Windows with Bing, will qualify for Windows 10 Home edition.

Note: x86/x64 will stay the same architecture and not be upgraded you if you happen to have a x64 bit motherboard.

Can I reinstall Windows 10 on my computer after upgrading?
Yes. Once you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 using the free upgrade offer, you will be able to reinstall, including a clean install, on the same device. You won’t need a product key for re-activations on the same hardware. If you make a meaningful change to your hardware, you may need to contact customer support to help with activation. You’ll also be able to create your own installation media like a USB drive or DVD, and use that to upgrade your device or reinstall after you’ve upgraded.

Note: This will be explained more in a quote below.

Whats in the Windows 10 Editions
Click here to view and compare the key features that are available in each edition of Windows 10: Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro.

Do Windows Phones qualify for this free upgrade?
Yes. We are working with Windows Phone 8.1 partners to make the Windows 10 upgrade available to most phones starting later this year.

What about Windows RT?
If you’re running Windows RT, your device won’t upgrade to Windows 10. We will have an update available in September 2015 that will improve the Start menu and lock screen. Check Windows Update on your Windows RT device to make sure that it is ready to download the update when available.

Can Enterprise customers get the free Windows 10 upgrade?
Enterprise customers with active Software Assurance subscription in volume licensing have the benefit of upgrading to Windows 10 Enterprise offerings outside this offer.

Can I go back to my previous version of Windows if I don’t like Windows 10?
Yes, while we think you will love all the features of Windows 10, you will have one month after upgrading to revert back to the previous version of Windows on your device.

Note: You might be locked into Windows 10 after this time but it's rumored you can clean install back. All assumptions and way more information in the next post, Basics and logic FaQ's.

When do new Windows 10 devices arrive in stores? OCAU version
Windows is Available NOW on USB from Retailers PCCasegear, PLE etc.

Devices will come when manufacturers decide to roll them after internal testing and driver support etc the changeover will take place over the next few months, some manufactures are quicker than others.

Will all my stuff be in the cloud?
Your files are saved on the hard drive of your device by default. Windows 10 includes integrated access to OneDrive, which provides free storage space in the cloud. This is completely optional, but gives you the benefit of being able to access your personal files from anywhere.

Note: One Drive cloud can be turned OFF
Official Activation FaQ's

Originally Posted by Activations

You upgraded to Windows 10 for free from Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1 Update

If you upgraded to Windows 10 for free and ended up in a non-activated state, try following these steps:

Go to Start, then select Settings > Update & security > Activation.
Select Go to Store, and check to see if a valid license is available for your device. If a license isn't available, you'll need to buy Windows from the Store.

Note: This only applies if you haven't made changes to the hardware for your device.

You upgraded to Windows 10, but didn't have a previous version or the correct edition of Windows installed (error 0xC004F061)

If you see error 0xC004F061 when you try to activate Windows 10, it means one of the following:

You're using a product key to upgrade to Windows 10, but a previous version of Windows wasn't installed on your PC. To update, you need to have Windows 8 or Windows 7 already on your PC.

If you formatted or replaced your hard drive, you won't be able to use a product key to update to Windows 10. You'll need to install your previous version of Windows, and then reinstall Windows 10.

OCAU Notes:
The wording on this is written if you try to install Windows 10 for the first time after changing a HDD or formatted for clean install using your old product key and should be taken as such don't confuse it with Retail license transfer, we are still figuring out.
You must upgrade from a previous version to start, which we all know by now.
Re-installs and post first time clean installs do not need a key entered even if you change HDD.
Until otherwise officially said re-installing your older OS or contacting Microsoft support might be the only ways to re-install Win 10 to new hardware on Retail Editions.

Hardware changes

If you made substantial hardware changes to your PC, such as replacing your hard drive or motherboard, Windows might no longer be activated on your PC. For info on how to activate your PC, see the product activation article.

Note: This is hopfully what we want for Retail license transfer but the info is only available up to Windows 8.1 at the time of this FaQ
Note: this next quote is presumed the official licensing information as most of the wording reads official but there are parts which don't read official with how they are worded such as expensive and cheaper terms etc which wouldn't be used that way due to standard business marketing policies (eg: never call something you make that costs more which is the exact same but different end user policy, 'expensive').
This quote however is being copy/pasted around Microsoft answers to anyone that asks about how to transfer a retail license, even though it doesn't actually state how one transfers a license.

Originally Posted by Presumed Official Retail/OEM Licensing

When I upgrade a preinstalled (OEM) or retail version of Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 license to Windows 10, does that license remain OEM or become a retail license?
If you upgrade from a OEM or retail version of Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 to the free Windows 10 upgrade this summer, the license is consumed into it. Because the free upgrade is derived from the base qualifying license, Windows 10 will carry that licensing too.
If you upgrade from a retail version, it carries the rights of a retail version.
If you upgrade from a OEM version, it carries the rights of a OEM version.

Full version (Retail):
- Includes transfer rights to another computer.
- Doesn't require a previous qualifying version of Windows.
- Expensive

Upgrade version (Retail):
- Includes transfer rights to another computer.
- require a previous qualifying version of Windows.
- Expensive, but cheaper than full version

OEM versions of Windows are identical to Full License Retail versions except for the following:
- OEM versions do not offer any free Microsoft direct support from Microsoft support personnel
- OEM licenses are tied to the very first computer you install and activate it on
- OEM versions allow all hardware upgrades except for an upgrade to a different model motherboard
- OEM versions cannot be used to directly upgrade from an older Windows operating system

What happens if I change my motherboard?
As it pertains to the OEM licenses this will invalidate the Windows 10 upgrade license because it will no longer have a previous base qualifying license which is required for the free upgrade. You will then have to purchase a full retail Windows 10 license. If the base qualifying license (Windows 7 or Windows 8.1) was a full retail version, then yes, you can transfer it.

From the Windows 10 end user license agreement:
b. Stand-alone software. If you acquired the software as stand-alone software (and also if you upgraded from software you acquired as stand-alone software), you may transfer the software to another device that belongs to you. You may also transfer the software to a device owned by someone else if (i) you are the first licensed user of the software and (ii) the new user agrees to the terms of this agreement. You may use the backup copy we allow you to make or the media that the software came on to transfer the software. Every time you transfer the software to a new device, you must remove the software from the prior device. You may not transfer the software to share licenses between devices.
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Default Windows 10 - FaQ Basics and Logic (The stuff not covered in the Official FaQ)

FAQ Basics and Logic (The stuff not covered in the Official FaQ)
Info below has been sourced from around the net, Gabe Aul's Twitter responses, Microsoft support forums and general logic understanding of facts.
Multiple types of posts like Insider FaQ's can be spit off if needed and demand is high enough.

Note: Before you read any of this, if you want to make a difference with how Windows is and your voice heard, Post and Upvote it in the Feedback App.
Microsoft is open to listening to your views and if enough people want and post about something in the Feedback App, something will be done about it.
Everything is up for review in the Feedback App, from more controls to turn off driver and other updates, more privacy controls, to even the colour shade of a icon.

Originally Posted by OCAU Community FaQ

What are the minimum system requirements for Windows 10
You can read them here.

Can my hardware work with Windows 10? **New: 20/8/2015**
Any hardware that worked and had drivers for with Windows 7 onwards should work with Windows 10.
Most drivers for older systems are in Microsoft's online database and can be installed using Windows Update.
Any drivers missing the Windows 7/8/8.1 drivers like the older no longer updated Logitech Gaming Software v510 are fine to install manually.

Is Windows mainly tailored to mobile devices?
No it is not, Windows is built to be a core platform over multiple devices as such OSX is doing something similar with the one codebase thing.
It also makes windows easier to patch up and fix in-case of any issues.

Can I claim my free Windows 10 license (from a legit license) without actually installing it? **New: 12/8/2015**
To avoid piracy concerns on stolen licenses and to make sure only verified owners currently running a proper licensed and activated copy of Windows one needs to upgrade their installed licensed copy of Windows to Windows 10.
This creates a hardware key from the currently licensed system which is used for Windows 10 as the license and for easy re-installations without needing a product key.
There is no way around this.
Once upgraded you may clean install or roll back.
The other good news is you have until July 2016 to make the transition if you want to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

Does Windows update give me a ISO or make reusable media? **New: 18/8/2015**
No Windows update won't give you a ISO or make reusable media but you could technically make one from the update files known as ESD but it's a bit of work.
You are better off downloading a ISO from Microsoft's website or using the Media Creator.

Can I download Windows 10 from a non Windows OS?
YES you can please visit this link select the edition and language then architecture x86 or x64.
You will be given a 24 hour link to download a corresponding ISO that is compatible with both Home and Pro of that architecture.
Those smart enough can change their windows web browser's user string to access the page as on windows you are redirected to the media creator.
These editions are slightly different to what the media creator produce being combined Home and Pro instead of combined x86 and x64.

Can I download Windows 10 without using the Media Creator on Windows? **New: 15/8/2015**
Yes please visit the link here and select your edition and language you would like downloads are combined Home & Pro.
You can also download Windows documentation and a guide how to create media on this link.

I'm using the media creator and keep getting 'Something Happened'!
It's better to create media using the "Create installation media for another PC" option, some people may have had issues with "Upgrade this PC now"
plus it's better creating media you can reuse in the future.

I'm trying to upgrade from ISO/USB and keep getting 'Something Happened'!
In the choose what to keep you may are most likely selecting the 'Nothing' option hoping for a psudo clean install as per this post outlines it with screenshots.
It's recommended until the cause is known and understood and a work around found, to keep your Personal files and apps and do a extra clean install afterwards.

The above is irrelevant and I'm still getting 'Something Happened'!
Unless someone links any official Microsoft information or workaround it's best thing to do is try various ways.
Create the media on another PC, clean boot, remove all programs you don't need first.
Try a Refresh of your PC if on Windows 8.1
In the end if all else fails, you may need to ultimately re-install windows you want to upgrade from.

Can I use my Windows 7 or 8.1 key to clean install Windows 10?
NO you must do a inplace upgrade which will automatically generate a hardware key from your currently activated install.
There is no way around that unfortunately.

I'm trying to upgrade my current activated copy of 7/8.1 and it's asking me for a key / saying my key is blocked or Windows just won't activate? **Update: 20/8/2015**
Windows activation servers are overloaded due to the demand and can't keep up with all the hardware key activations.
Please try again later.
You may receive a number of error messages such as error code: 0xC004C003
If the problem persists over reboots and multiple days its best to contact Microsoft support which they will be able to help you activate.

What is the Hardware activation key?
Hardware activation is a unique string generated in Windows of your motherboard linked to the Microsoft activation server and as such can automatically be checked to activate the system without you doing anything.
There are no privacy concerns as Microsoft use there own algorithm built into Windows to generate the hardware key.

What is the Hardware activation locked to?
Just the motherboard on both Retail and OEM.
Note: Retail users can change motherboards OEM officially are not allowed to.

I upgraded to Windows 10 do I need to extract / enter the key to clean install? **New: 20/8/2015**
No you do not need a key to re-install Windows 10 on the same hardware as microsoft has stored a automatic hardware activation key as per FaQ above, just skip any product key screens you come across.
It's pointless to extract and enter a key on re-install, it's also assumed keys given on extraction are generic.
The ONLY time you may need a key to clean install after upgrading is if you change motherboard on Retail that is it, at that time you may need to contact microsoft support to help with activation.

What's the difference between Retail and OEM?
Retail: you can transfer the license to a new PC / Motherboard and use Microsoft support.
OEM: the license isn't transferable and you do not get Microsoft support.
Windows: there is no difference with the actual install.

I'm using a Retail copy can I transfer my license to a new PC / Motherboard?
As said above in the official FaQ your Retail license gets upgraded to a Retail Windows 10 license and carries the same restrictions as Retail licenses always have had.
This includes the ability to transfer the license to a new PC / Motherboard.

How exactly do I transfer a Retail License to another PC if auto activation license is motherboard locked?
It is said that product keys in Windows are generic and you may need to contact Microsoft support.
It hasn't been confirmed to me if Retail product keys are different.
Note: this is referring to the traditional install key not the hardware key.
Yes you can transfer the license, the method to do so isn't exactly clear yet and there is allot of confusion even from Gabe's tweets and Microsoft Answers.
This will be updated once we have more information. The rest of world really wants to know this also.
Note: for Re-installs you can skip entering the CDKey

How do I transfer a OEM License to another PC?
As mentioned above officially you can't.
You will need to beg Microsoft and hope they allow you to do this.
Note: OEM has always been motherboard dependent since XP, it's just people asked support for their keys to be reused and have gotten away with it.

I'm coming from XP/Vista can I upgrade for free?
No you cannot you can however become a Windows insider and get free windows as a public tester.

Can I get free Windows 10 being a Windows Insider? **New: 10/8/2015**
In a way yes you can.
All Windows insiders regardless of legitimacy have access to the latest Windows 10 development preview version for free.
Preview versions are fully activated full editions of Windows for public testing and feedback of upcoming Windows changes, these usually contain a watermark, but has some restrictions and differences on usage outlined below.
  • They are public development versions and have unfinished code in areas
  • Some features will change constantly while being developed
  • Previews display watermarks, the build number
  • Previews are time limited, but a new preview build will always be released beforehand
  • You need to stay current on at least the latest 'Slow Ring' preview build
  • you must be logged into Windows with a Microsoft Account

What are the benefits and the point of being a Insider and the builds? **New: 20/8/2015**
Being an Insider lets you have closer access to Microsoft with knowing and inputting into how Windows is developed, where you can test and give feedback on cutting edge development progress with how Windows is developed.
You can also keep up to date with the latest development progress and cool stuff via the Insider hub.
Basically Insiders are the voice that shapes how Windows is built for all public.

How do I become a Windows Insider? **Updated: 20/8/2015**
You can opt in to the Windows Insider Program via Settings app > Update & Security > Advanced options under “Get Insider builds”.

How do I opt out of being Windows Insider?
Please follow this to stop insider builds
  1. Open up Settings
  2. Followed by Update & Security
  3. Hit the Advanced options link in the Windows Update
  4. Click the Stop Insider builds button
  5. That's it, do the same on other PC's if you want.

I'm a Windows insider can I stay on the full release?
The only way is to opt out of insider, if you have upgraded to the insider builds from a proper activated install, insiders must always be updated with the latest preview release as installs are time expired.
Once previews start again you cannot opt out without rolling back or reinstalling Windows.

I'm a Windows insider can I upgrade cheaply to release?
Nothing has been announced it would be nice however if this was the case.

I'm a Windows insider so I need a Microsoft Account (MSA)?
Yes you do need a (MSA) to stay as a insider if you don't you will not be able to use preview versions of Windows.

Does the Windows Media Creator give me a full Windows copy?
Yes all copies from the Media Creator are full editions that can be used on both OEM and Retail and other variants respective of the corresponding Home & Pro / x86 & x64 / Language editions you download.

Can the Windows Media Creator give me a copy of the Enterprise edition? **New: 5/8/2015**
NO the media creator is meant to be for home users, you can however get a 90 day trial Enterprise edition from Microsoft's website.
To get a full Enterprise ISO you will need to go through whatever your Enterprise license entitles you to.

How do I install the Windows insider hub so I can keep updated with Windows development?
Please do the following.
  1. Go to Settings then System and then Apps & Features.
  2. Tap or click the Manage Optional Features.
  3. Tap or click Add a Feature.
  4. Navigate the list, locate Insider Hub, and click install.

I'm not a insider can I use the insider hub to see what's going on in development?
I am not sure about this but you may be able to once you login with your Microsoft Account.
Hope someone can confirm this for this FaQ.

I'm not a insider do I need to need to use a Microsoft Account (MSA)?
As in the FaQ above NO you do not need a (MSA) for normal Windows usage.

My hardware is linked to my Microsoft Account (MSA) on the website do I need to login with my account?
NO you don't, the linking is a extra back-end cross reporting service and device management thing that's linked in there database it doesn't stop you using a local account.

I'm on *cough* another type of install of Windows?
Unfortunately we cant talk about that on OCAU so you'll need to search yourself elsewhere.

Do I have to be running Win 7/8.1 and upgrade to get a free copy?
As stated in the official FaQ above YES unless you want to buy a new copy of Windows.
Windows 8 can upgrade by upgrading to the free Windows 8.1 update first.
You also need to be fully updated with Windows update in order to upgrade to Windows 10.

How long do I have to roll back? **New: 5/8/2015**
You have 30 days from the upgrade to roll back.

I just upgraded to Windows 10 and I have software bugs or issues, I'm rolling back! **New: 8/8/2015**
If your system appears to be a little buggy after upgrading to Windows 10 you may want to think about a clean install as file random corruption either file or settings wise no matter how small can happen and can cause bigger issues on a upgrade and when you update Windows files.
Do not automatically think Windows 10 is crap / garbage / coded badly whatever just because you may have some initial bugs issues with it, try to give it a chance even on a clean install.

After the rollback period can I still use my older OS? **New: 5/8/2015**
At this stage it's not 100% confirmed but the rumor is that you can for as long as you want.

I had issues with Windows 10 or I didn't like it and decided to rollback can I clean install to go back to Windows 10? **New: 8/8/2015**
It is assumed you can clean install to reinstall Windows 10 after you have rolled back for any reason and skip entering the product key provided to use the same motherboard as you have already run Windows 10 once and activated.
Clean installation may be better than upgrading if your system may have be a little buggy.
Someone on the forum will need to confirm this to me as quite a few have been rolling back to Windows 7 for various reasons.

Can I upgrade to Windows 10 then re-install and use my older OS on the same system and duel boot? **New: 5/8/2015**
A test was done by FLB on this forum and he says that you are able to.
Nothing has been confirmed officially about this.
At this stage flipping and dual booting is presumed allowed as long as you want, going by what has been going round and said online.

I don't like Windows 10, I'm not upgrading and staying on my older OS **New: 14/8/2015**
That is your choice but remember you only have until July 2016 to claim your Free Windows 10 license after that you need to buy Windows 10, which will give you access for all future versions of Windows on that device for at least the next 10 years.
Windows 7 has already ended its mainstream support as of January 2015 and will get no more feature changes, only security updates until 2020 when it will reach end of life with no more support or updates.
Windows 8/8.1 stops getting feature changes in 2018 with its end of life in 2023.
You don't want to be caught out holding off upgrading like everyone was with XP.
Once Windows end of life is reached you are completely on your own and open to future vulnerabilities as there will be no more security updates.

When is the Windows end of life for current systems **New: 14/8/2015**
End of life information can be found here, it's assumed the Windows 10 listing is just for formality at this stage with post versions 10.1 etc being free going the OSX model and extending that end of life date.

My system has hung while trying to upgrade
This can happen, if it continues a second try, try to uninstall everything you can that's not needed before you try a 3rd time.

Why doesn't X work?
You'll need to ask in the big thread linked at the top about that.

I don't like the new start menu
Personally I find it great and you can link all the stuff you used to have and now more that was on the right pane in Windows 7, My computer, Downloads, Documents, Control Panel etc and more.
You can use Start 10 or Classic Shell until you get familiar with the new start menu.
Note: It's also recommended to leave feedback in the feedback app so Microsoft know what you don't like and have a chance to change it.

Why does my screen / interface look massive when connecting to a TV or monitor?
Windows 10 uses auto DPI scaling for certain monitors and outputs.
Right click on desktop and choose Display Settings and you can adjust the scaling percentage slider to what you prefer best from 100% all the way to 200% HDMI TV's and receivers default to 150% scaling.
Note: This is assumed to just affect the interface of programs, running a video may still display at the same resolution in fullscreen, correct me if wrong.

Where has Windows Media Center gone?
Microsoft has discontinued it due to low demand.
Unfortunately it was known in the community as one the best TV recording apps and what most people only used it for.
There is other software ProgDVB etc one can try but may not be as fluid to use.
Microsoft has however offered a Movies and TV app and Music App called Groove as replacements for media consumption but most used other software like Kodi and Media Portal for doing that.
Someone will eventually work on a replacement to fill the gap.

Can I turn off Updates?
Microsoft has released a tool to turn off automatic updates temporary.
Please remember updates are there to stop security exploits and other things which are the most known and exploited on Windows.
Only hardware drivers are recommended to be turned off and only if you are having any issues with them.

I don't like or want to request something or just leave feedback, can I let Microsoft know my views?
YES in fact Microsoft is actively encouraging it and have provided a feedback app right within Windows 10 for you to give as much feedback as you feel like. So please make the most of it.
The most implemented features have the most upvotes attached to them.
You don't need to be an insider to leave feedback in the app, you just need to log into the app with your Microsoft Account.
Insiders get an extra experience and functionality tailored to them and can submit screenshots and help list the steps to reproduce problems, also general public and insider feedback are totally separated.
Note: Your first point of call should be letting your views known in the feedback app inside Windows not winging about it in a OCAU thread.

How do I turn off One Drive?
By default it's set not to sync your data.
This will be updated if any more info is found.

Why is Windows called Windows 10 not 9?
Because Microsoft wanted to keep with the ONE theme of 1 platform, codebase to run across a range of devices.
Microsoft wanted to call it Windows One but in homage to Bill Gates and marketing and OSX with '10' also, they have called it Windows 10 its assumed the 1 stands for the one platform, the zero being the first iteration of the platform and a new beginning with subversions the codebase point versions.

People assume its due to a build string having 9 in it which is incorrect as It's assumed and logic dictates applications mostly use the internal build strings in there manifest which were:
(4.0) for Windows 95
(4.1) for Windows 98
(10.0) For Windows 10
A full recent list of build strings can be found here.

I have images showing on my lock screen that I don't want to be shown
Don't save your images to My Pictures especially your porn collection images, unless you want them to appear on your lock screen.
Save them to a another HDD or a USB/Network device and be careful about Cloud saving of photos and personal images also.
As a good rule of thumb you should try to save all your data to a different drive than your C drive to reduce fragmentation and increase access speed of the partition with Windows files.

Is Cortana assistant available? **New: 16/8/2015**
Cortana is now in preview stage in the insider builds for Australian users.
You need to be running a insider build later than 10532 to try cortana.

Everyone is claiming privacy concerns and that Microsoft is going to abuse and sell all our personal data **Updated: 11/8/2015**
Allot of data is collected even just locally for functionality and to avoid issues that have been a big issue with users on the past and for personalization which would otherwise not be able to work.

There are laws in multiple countries protecting the use of data gathered, if Microsoft was to break any of them they would be heavily find and made to roll out updates and do public apologies.
There are also new transparency laws on letting users know exactly what data what is collected, so it may appear Microsoft is collecting more information than before.

As it is we live in a connected world and various data is automatically gathered by multiple companies and advertising partners.
If you use Facebook for example then any information you post there including details about your age/interests/job or whatever and all your photos can be shared analyzed for statistics, location and recognition etc. Just like the LOL, HAHA and HEHE user use statistic.
Even on OCAU here every post you make since you joined is kept indefinitely in the backend MYSQL database and can be used in statistics and other things and cross referenced for improving services and functionality and any information can be disclosed to relevant parties, law enforcement agencies etc on request.

Soon a lot of data you do online will be held for 2 years via Mandatory Data Retention.
It's just not online but there are traffic and public cameras recording most of your actions and most things you do and sometimes say in public.
As said any data will be used in accordance with international laws.
Note: For installing Windows you are free to opt out of certain collection settings from web history, file scanning etc which have all existed since Windows XP or earlier.

Official Microsoft privacy statement updated July 2015
Official Windows 10 Privacy Information FaQ

Microsoft has released some info about this, its all standard stuff many companies have been doing for years and backs up my text above, there's nothing new to see here they are just being more transparent about this in there ELUA etc as expected.

Customers can always turn Cortana off, putting the customer in control of Cortana. Information customers choose to provide Cortana is stored locally on the device and uploaded to Microsoft’s servers. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. For example, all data sent from Cortana to Microsoft is encrypted in transit and we store the personal information you provide on computer systems that have limited access and are in controlled facilities.
Microsoft does not use or share content of user’s email for purposes of personalized advertising. We do not provide a customer’s email address, emails or other personal information to advertisers. Microsoft does not use what you say in email, chat, video calls or voice mail, or your documents, photos or other personal files to target ads to you
Microsoft may share information when required by law or to respond to legal process or lawful requests, including from law enforcement or other government agencies.
Some stuff like malware protection cannot be turned off why? **New: 7/8/2015**
Windows PC's are the most infected operating system in the world that its become a running joke and laughed at by companies such as Apple and operating systems such as Linux.
Most malware that gets onto computers are caused by end users not really knowing what they are doing. Installing programs and fakeware via automatic and express installs which contain bundled 3rd party advertising offers like Candy or are fake exe's with only viruses from sponsored 'direct download' sites and clicking links and opening files in spam and phishing emails.
Companies keep bundling these types apps and doing this behavior because the process keeps working and the offers keep being installed and links keep being clicked on.
Microsoft has decided to take a hard stance and force certain protections to be on to try to help curb the number of infections and warn users when these things are trying to get onto the system.
Allot of users in there past have disabled such things then complained when their system got infected, I know from direct experience working as a refurb tech that allot of infected systems in the past had these protections turned off and were not updated with the latest Microsoft updates.

Why can't I turn windows updates fully off? **New: 7/8/2015**
Microsoft wants everyone to be updated with updates especially security ones and turning them off leaves you at risk.
For example in June 2015 a exploit came to light that visiting a certain webpage could automatically take over your entire system without you doing anything.
In 2004 a very critical update was pushed out to disable Net Send for Windows XP and Server 2003 when spammers online used to automatically send adverts to every relevant computer connected to the internet for buying university degrees etc that would automatically pop up in the center of the screen without the user doing anything.
In 2014 and 2015 businesses not being upgraded our have adequate security are getting hit with cryptolocker look at our business computing forum on OCAU for examples out hits and near misses.
It's advised to keep updates on as stated above in a FaQ to avoid security flaws that can hurt your system.
Note: it would be nice if we had some more options and control over when updates are downloaded and applied for background download, quiet times etc someone should make suggestions in the Feedback app.

Can I disable Microsoft default apps for email web browsing etc on install or after? **New: 5/8/2015**
YES, when you install Windows Microsoft automatically sets some apps as the default for certain things on the express settings which it's entitled to do, this may override your currently installed apps for only a few defaults like Music and Video player Web Pages and Email etc.
You may click Customize Settings on the get going fast screen to choose the default apps and opt out of certain collection data.
A fuller method once windows is installed to set your defaults is found here.

Activating special Administrative commands **New: 5/8/2015**
There are some extra hidden administrative commands that can be pinned for easy access, known in the community as 'God Mode' but doesn't specifically need to be called that.
To do so make a folder anywhere on your computer and call it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} the text GodMode can be changed to whatever you want to call it.
This folder / link can be pinned to the start menu or taskbar for quick access and doesn't need to be on the desktop.
Most of whats in the administrative list is consolidated for easy access from whats already linked around the system.

Why are there 2 control panels / settings areas and why doesn't the new settings have all the options yet **New: 5/8/2015**
Microsoft is in the process of migrating everything that is in the control panel to the new settings app.
To start with Microsoft has moved the core setting features but some haven't been moved or re-implemented yet like different wallpapers per monitor for multiple monitor users unless you use slideshow, this is assumed due to time and other constraints.
The best you can do is keep providing feedback in the Feedback app on what you would like to see and how Microsoft should develop the new settings app.

How can I get a different wallpaper per monitor? **New: 5/8/2015**
You can use multiple images / wallpapers per monitor still but it can only be done via slideshow, 1 day change is adequate enough unless you want more frequently.
What happens is the images will rotate round each monitor randomly at the duration time you selected, a larger image folder collection is recommended so you don't see a image moving between monitors too often.
  1. Right click on desktop
  2. Choose Personalization
  3. In background Select Slideshow
  4. Chose your wallpaper folder to display
  5. Set the change picture duration time to what you would like

I'm on Windows 7/8 can I use DirectX 12? **New: 6/8/2015**
NO DirectX 12 is exclusive to Windows 10 if you want to play games that utilise any of its features you will need to upgrade to Windows 10.
As a bonus DirectX 12 is faster, prettier and less power hungry than any previous DirectX.

Is Edge a upgraded version of Internet Explorer? **New: 11/8/2015**
No, the Microsoft Edge browser was built from the ground up as a totally new browser with a complete new codebase.
The new codebase makes Edge more secure, faster, and uses less code than previous Internet Explorer browsers.
What happens to Internet Explorer 11, is it has been frozen as a legacy browser to only receive security updates from now on and no new features will be added as the focus will be on Edge.
This is to ensure that new web standards don't conflict with anyone needing the older ones.

A site I use can't be updated or isn't Edge / newer web standards compatible, but works on the older Internet Explorer can I still use Internet Explorer 11? **New: 11/8/2015**
Its recommended that whoever maintains the site updates and migrates it to be compatible with the latest web browsers as they offer more security speed and functionality over older ones.
If you really must use Internet Explorer you can download it from Microsoft's website.
Note: Internet Explorer 11 is still provided for intermediate use for one to transition a business or company's website to new standards not as a means to keep running an older website indefinitely.

How can I customize the start menu? & I liked the full screen menu in Windows 8/8.1 how do I get it back in Windows 10? **New: 12/8/2015**
This is a duel question FaQ customize start and full screen start.
You can't get the exact start menu from windows 8/8.1 back but you can get a fullscreen menu.
You can also change what folders appear on the start menu.
  1. Rickclick desktop and click Personalise
  2. Click Start
  3. Click the Use Start full screen toggle so its highlighted
  4. For customization click on Choose which folders appear on Start
  5. Toggle the options you want highlighted

There are programs and scripts to clean up Windows 10 and make it supposedly more private are these safe? **New: 16/9/2015**
All scripts should be treated with caution as they disable Windows services and features.
Some services may be required for various integration and functionality and disabling such services might cause issues later with various things.
As a note ONLY run scripts you 100% trust and know the source from and if anything happens your the one that has to clean up the mess.
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Default Windows 10 - OCAU Quickstart Install Guides

**New: 12/8/2015**
Originally Posted by Info on this post
This post is severely lacking in content due to a few reasons below.
  • No-one has written a clear unbiased easy to read point guide for here
  • I haven't been bothered redoing a computer etc to create a guide yet
  • People are leaving everything to me to do in this thread
The only way this section can move faster and be filled with info is if the above points change in some way.
**New: 12/8/2015**
Originally Posted by Pre FaQ
The absolute basics you must know before you start FaQ
Some stuff has been duplicated from logic FaQ for easy accessibility of people wanting to jump right in with a download and install.

Can I register my intent and upgrade using the info below?
Yes, this is why the guide below is here.

Can I use the same media this guide and Microsoft's website give me over multiple PC's to upgrade them all?
Yes this is why the guide below is here.

Does this create Enterprise media?
No you will need to source that info elsewhere for now untill a guide here in this post is created.

Can I download Windows 10 without using the Media Creator? **Updated: 15/8/2015**
Yes you can please visit the link here to select the language and architecture you want, downloads are combined Home & Pro.
If you are not using windows you can also visit this link select the edition and language then architecture x86 or x64.

Both links will give you a 24 hour link to download a corresponding ISO that is compatible with both Home and Pro of that architecture.
Note: These editions are slightly different to what the media creator produce being combined Home and Pro instead of combined x86 and x64.

What architecture does the Media Creator give me?
Single or combined x86 & x64 of a single language and type Home or Pro

What architecture does the Microsoft Website give me?
Combined Home & Pro of a single language and architecture x86 or x64

How big are the ISO's from downloads?
Downloads vary between 3GB and 6GB,
  • Single type downloads are about 3.3GB
  • Combined Home & Pro are about 4GB
  • Combined x86 & x64 are about 5.9GB

Whats the better download single or combined x86 & x64 or combined Home & Pro? **New: 14/8/2015**
Firstly it deepens on your needs and current devices available to you, only you know what systems you have and there architecture and type.
Personally I believe the Home & Pro combined editions would be the main choice most people would want the most.
If you have a Windows desktop and laptop for example usually your desktop is Pro and your laptop is shipped with Home edition.
Most devices now come with x64 installed as most devices have moved to 64 bit.
OCAU Quickstart Install Guide (Media Creator Tool)
The Media Creator is the main method for downloading and upgrading windows as it'll create media you can use over multiple PC's.

Originally Posted by Media Creation Tool
  1. Download the Media Creation Tool for your current install architecture x86/x64, a indepth guide can be found here.
  2. Run the tool as Administrator if you wish, but isn't needed.
  3. Choose: Create installation media for another PC.
    some people have had issues with "Upgrade this PC now" and its better to create media you can reuse.
  4. Click Next
  5. Choose your Language English (United States) or English (United Kingdom).
    or any language that you want to use.
  6. Choose your edition Home or Pro.
    Note: you cannot do both at once.
    N edition refers to No media components.
  7. Choose Architecture It may be better to do Both (x86/x64) a little more bandwidth though.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Choose you install method USB flash Drive or ISO file.
  10. Click next.
    The system will go through 3 stages, Download, Verifying and Create Media.
    If doing USB you will be asked what device you want to use and to confirm, as it will fully ERASE the device.
    If a ISO file you will be asked for a name and save location.
  11. Close the Media Creation Tool when done.
    Note: It may crash on exit, this is ok and not a issue as your closing it anyway.
(Will expand section below with a proper guide once given info is temporary with all the important information for now)

After media creator is finished either run setup on the flash drive or burn the ISO or use a tool to make a Flash drive.
Below outlines how to do each of these steps.

Creating backup Media **New: 12/8/2015**

**New: 12/8/2015**
Originally Posted by How to create a Windows backup DVD
To come
Download tool tells you how to do one in command line will need to copy info here
Originally Posted by How to create a Windows backup USB Flash Drive
Talk about rufus.
As well as official ISO tool.

Note: Rufus of supposed to be able to do UEFI bios when Windows ISO tool can't.
OCAU Quickstart Upgrade Guide (Actual Install)

Originally Posted by Upgrade Guide
From there run Setup and accept Windows updates to save the hassle later.

When choosing to keep your data or not, its recommended to keep your existing data on a first upgrade then clean install afterwards.
Users have been reporting that choosing not to keep existing data (hoping to clean install) has resulted in the 'Something Happened, error message.
There are also reports that not choosing to keep data may result in issues with windows finishing installation.
Also by not choosing to keep data you obviously do not get the ability to rollback, keep that in mind.

This will be updated later to reflect a upgrade but semi clean install method once verified.

After that It should automatically install until it asks for personalisation which is outlined below.
OCAU Quickstart Clean Install Guide (Actual Install)

Originally Posted by Clean Install Guide

To expand.

Temp info
SKIP entering Product Key - if you have already upgraded a previous system or were running a system on Windows 10 on your device
Enter Product Key - if you just bought Windows 10 from a store or got a new motherboard
Windows Setup final install Personalisation options (Should be the same between Upgrade and Clean Install)

To Come
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Default Cleaning old Windows data

Windows can have a lot of unused and unneeded data in the background taking up hard drive space.

There are a few reasons why one may want to clean the old unused Windows data these are listed the quote below.

  • If you just upgraded to Windows 10 and not planning on doing a clean install.
  • You have had windows for a while and downloaded loads of updates.

The best way is to:
  • Go into 'This PC' in windows explorer
  • Right click on 'Local Disk (C: )' or whatever you named your Windows partition.
  • Click the 'Disk Cleanup' button
  • You can clean that screen up by checking the boxes and click OK.

To clean out old Windows Update and other unneeded system files.
  1. Click the 'Clean up system files' button.
  2. Check everything you need and want to clean up.
  3. Click OK
Cleaning up unused files on the first page can gain a few gigabytes and the system files with Windows upgrade files can be anywhere up to 30GB of hard drive space that be freed up for the operating system.

Make sure you are absolutely sure before deciding on cleaning up system files.
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Other - Placeholder and idea post
Example of a non Windows 10 post
This thread will link and be easy access to to guides, tips and information on all Windows platforms not just Windows 10.

Information will be linked at the top in a kind of index structure.

This is just a placeholder and to show you that this thread can be used eventually for more than just Windows 10 stuff but common questions in general for all versions.
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While trying out Windows 10 upgrade on my notebook, I captured the process, and, using time laps, did a quick guide

Might be useful for the visual people / learners like me. I hope it's ok to do these, I usually only do game related videos, but I found this interesting enough.

This one shows you how to do an in-place upgrade with Media Creation Tool:

Once you've done an in-place upgrade, you can then do a clean installation:

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Those using Windows 10 with Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials will find (at this stage) that the connector software will not download and run when you go to http:\\[servername]\connect\ - this is because Microsoft have not pushed the client connector out to Server R2 Essentials yet.

The connector software must be manually downloaded, and installed in order to connect. You can find the connector software here.
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A whole website dedicated to Win 10 with a wealth of information covering all of the topics associated with the OS:

Windows 10 Forums
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Getting the Windows 10 DVD Player App:

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Heres a good site with scripts to clean up Windows 10. All the scripts are in plaintext so you can check them out first and edit them to your needs.

I've found the scripts to be pretty comprehensive, the ip/host one seems a bit lacking but theres scripts to clean up some of the privacy issues, remove one drive, bring back the old volume slider and remove rubbish apps that you can't normally remove using powershell. Theres even a script to fix your mouse so it's 1:1 and disables the mouse acceleration.

Really good 'program'. I highly recommend it.

EDIT: Here's another good one. Also open source so you can change the scripts as you see fit to remove the BS in windows 10.
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8GadgetPack - handy to bring back Win Vista/7's desktop gadgets
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Originally Posted by ThunderbirdMoz View Post
Cheers mate!
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FFS, I disabled forced restarts after updates in GPEdit and I just got another 5 minutes until restart message.

I wrote a big long passage about how unreliable this makes Windows 10 but I didn't manage to post it before the restart, so basically Windows 10 is shit but I can't be bothered writing why again.
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This is literally the worst advice on the internet, ever.
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