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Old 30th October 2015, 8:41 AM   #1
Pugs Thread Starter
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Default What do you use as your HTPC/ Media Player

ok when ever someone posts asking for options everyone re-posts that they use...

thought we could get a Mega thread going with peoples set ups to show.
no need to go into all details of your set ups (unless you want to but keep it to one post)


Media Player:
OS: Win 8.1
Media Software: XBMC/ Kodi 13 (Gotham)
Plays 1080p flawlessly

Media Storage and meta data creator

all connected via Cat6
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Old 30th October 2015, 8:45 AM   #2
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A little old, but there's also the OCAU MythTV Members Setup page in the wiki too.

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Old 30th October 2015, 8:50 AM   #3
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Media Player: VLC
OS: Win 7
PC: Lenovo E320 Laptop
CPU/RAM: i3 2350m, 4GB RAM, 60GB SSD
Connected via WiFi

Having some issues at the moment with my new router, but on my old router, roughly 10m away, played everything thrown at it.

Server: Specs in sig, running OpenMediaVault with SnapRAID and AuFS pooling
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Old 30th October 2015, 9:08 AM   #4
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mine (has served me for about 3 years now)

Media Player/Software: WMC + Media Browser
OS: Win 7 x64
MB/ CASE: P5B Deluxe Wifi/Fractal MIDI R2
HDD: 128GB SSD Crucial + 4*4TB drives
Additional HW: MCE remote, 360 wireless controller
Tuner: Hauppauge HVR-2200 Dual Digital+Analogue +FMTuner PCIe
Plays 1080p flawlessly, most games, Steam Streaming

All storage local
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Old 30th October 2015, 9:51 AM   #5
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4 years old setup

i3-2120 Sandy
Nvidia 520GT to get around the intel 24fps bug - not sure if still required but CBF touching it
Some asrock Z68 mITX mobo with wifi
60Gb Intel 330 SSD
Win10 + Kodi
Standard 2.1 audio - CBF/can't afford running surround sound and also don't want to buy amplifier

LG 55", don't use any of the smart functions as Kodi wipes its behind

Streams everything off Freenas backend (Kodi) or streaming services. The only TV we watch is ABC Kids for the... drumroll... kids, and we don't bother running it through a DVR.

We need a full blown PC because my missus uses a lot of services that are web based not sure of their availability or workability on various platforms. The PC is the only solution where we know everything streams/works/plays for sure. I also have a really large media library and a lot of streaming boxes choke, not to mention just takes waaaay too long to scroll through 1000 movies with their GUI - a lot of streaming boxes seem to be designed for media libraries a quarter the size (or less) with no thought given to large, diverse libraries. We are also a bilingual household and then theres issues with subtitle fonts, on the fly audio/subtitle switching, library info in multiple languages depending on the specific folder/library etc. which only Kodi can truly handle.

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Old 30th October 2015, 10:03 AM   #6
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Whenever I upgrade, the current computer becomes the HTPC, and the current HTPC gets gifted to a family member. I think I should sell the current HTPC though and buy a simple new pc for the duties, as the current one is a bit over-spec

OS: Win 7 x64
MB/ CASE: Asus m4a78-te in a budget case
CPU: Phenom II 1045T
HD: 30GB SSD budget SSD, about to upgrade to 120GB Sandisk SSD, plus 2x1TB in raid 1
VID: Gigabyte HD6850
Media Software: ArgusTV for recording/scheduling, MediaPortal for viewing
Tuner: Hauppauge HVR-2200 Dual Digital+Analogue +FMTuner PCIe

I mirror a copy of my 300GB+ flac music collection onto this PC, so I don't have to stream it. It's connected via HDMI to the TV, and the onboard optical to the DAC for music. Thankfully MePo allows you to set differnent audoi renderers for video/tv/music/etc, so I don't have to have the TV on for music pass through or anythin.

"Server" is my main gaming PC, which I leave on when streaming videos.
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Old 30th October 2015, 10:24 AM   #7
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Been running for approx 2 years now.

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+

Raspberry Pi Model B+

Raspberry Pi Model B+

Outdoors TV
Raspberry Pi Model B+

Media Storage
Win 7 Ultimate
Plex Media Server
8GB ram

all connected via Cat6 except Outdoors. That is wifi but still works a treat.
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Old 30th October 2015, 10:57 AM   #8
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Location: Perth
Posts: 1,215

We run an ArgusTV/fileserver back end with multiple Kodi front ends.

AMD Athlon X2
24gb ram
8 x 3TB Seagate
Winfast DTV2000
Hauppauge DVR2205
Server 2008R2

I find the AMD stuff is good enough for server duty as its relatively low power for an 'always on' machine and generally include more sata ports.

8GB ram
Sandisk 240gb SSD
Meridian 7.1G >> Rotel Power Amps
Win10 running Kodi

Intel Macbook running Kodi
Yamaha RXV-1800

This system took some setting up but works perfectly.
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Old 30th October 2015, 11:18 AM   #9
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Location: SA
Posts: 529

Pentium G3258
Silverstone SG05 (300W PSU)
HP MCE remote

Runs Win 8.1 & Plex. Should be good for a few years.

Server is an HP Microserver with 8TB.
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Old 23rd November 2015, 4:28 PM   #10
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Media Player:
Intel I5 NUC
Openelec on a 60GB SSD ********** EDIT NOW LIBREELEC
(Man I love this little beast. Overkill but its quick, quiet and reliable)
Boots in 8 seconds!

Raspberry Pi 2's on everything else running kodi EDIT ********* NOW USING RasPi 3's

Synology DS1513+ with one 513DX extension.

The Pi's are wireless at this stage but the NUC is CAT6 connected.
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Old 27th December 2015, 3:45 PM   #11
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We have been using Wyse Z class thin clients (now known as the Dell Wyse 7000 series) as HTPCs lately. They are small, low power (under 15W, typically 9W), passively cooled machines based on dual core AMD G-series embedded x86 CPU's. The integrated ATI video supports UVD acceleration and is fast enough for all 1080P playback. There are also some quad core models but I haven't seen many around.

They are expensive to buy new but I've been picking them up for well under $100 second hand when they get cleared out of offices. They typically come with 2 or 4GB of RAM and up to 16GB of flash storage. There is the Z90D7 model which only has a MiniPCI-E slot and the less common Z90DE7 which also has a full sized PCI-E slot. They boot OpenELEC very fast.

My current living room set-up is a Z90DE7 with a TBS-6285 PCI-E DVB-T tuner card and a 256GB SSD shoe horned into the case. I've been trying out TVHeadend on OpenELEC and so far it is working well. It also uses a Pulse Eight CEC adapter so it can be driven from the TV remote over HDMI

The bedroom set-up is a Z90D7 running OpenELEC and using the living room machine as a back-end for live/recorded TV.

I know RPi's could do a similar job but I found the UI quite laggy when I tried it (especially with a large library) and they are a bit slow over Ethernet and USB. I would highly recommend picking up one of these machines as an alternative.
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Old 27th December 2015, 4:02 PM   #12
Sico Music
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i7 860
8gb ram
Intel 840 series 120 gb SSD (I think)
1x 750gb HD
1x 2tb HD
Some cheap graphics card I bought off here for nothing
Corsair 650watt psu

Running Plex, 2 TV's running Chromecasts. Server is connected to router by cable everything else is wireless.

I try not to storage hoard instead just deleting old stuff I feel it's a bit ridiculous keeping the stuff you have already watched especially in this day and age when it takes an hour or so to just re download an entire series.
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Old 27th December 2015, 5:05 PM   #13
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Intel i3 NUC 4th Gen
16gb DDR3L Ram
480gb m-sata SSD
7260 AC Wifi

Running Win 7 + Kodi controlled by the offical ipad app

Netflix US/UK etc etc is done by an Oppo BPD-103
Chromecast handles Stan/Netflix AU etc etc

Office HTPC
Intel i3 NUC 5th gen
16gb DDR3L Ram
120gb m2 ssd

Running win 10 and intel remote keyboard app

Master Bedroom
Intel celeron NUC (2nd gen)
8gb DDR3L Ram
120gb 2.5 inch ssd
Intel AC 7260 wifi

Running win 10 + Intel remote keyboard app

Guest bedroom
Intel PC on a stick
Logitech K430 keyboard

Running win 10

All hardwired via cat 6 (gigabit) except for the PC on a stick though i am contemplating putting a usb to RJ45 converter on it although the wifi seems to be pretty decent on it.

Draws video from one of 2 servers, one is 72tb + 32tb and the other is 40tb (download box)

Fairly simple setup, small footprint and they all use so little power and output almost no heat.
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Old 27th December 2015, 5:14 PM   #14
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I'm a single occupant so majority of time my main tv, htpc and NAS is on at the same time, so after some thought I have consolidated my NAS into my main htpc.

Living Room Server HTPC
OS: Win 8.1 PRO
MB: Asus P8H77-I
CPU: i5-3470s
GPU: Ausu GTX960 mini
CASE: Coolermaster Silencio 550
HD OS: Samsung 840 Pro 120gb SSD
HDD: 1 x 4tb Toshiba for movies
HDD: 1 x 2tb WDC Green for wmc
HDD Files: 1 x 3tb Seagate for storage.
RAM: 2 x 4gb DDR 1600
PSU: Seasonic 400w Platinum
Cooling: corsair h60 and noctua fans
Media Software: Chrome Browser, WMC and Kodi 13

Bedroom client
i3 3220t
Gtx 750ti low profile
Corsair 120gb SSD
Noctua fans
Seasonic 400w fanless Gold
Media Software: Chrome Browser, WMC and Kodi 13

Tuner: 2 x Silicondust HD network tuner for 4 channels on gigabit LAN
MSI WS63-7RK, 4k workstation laptop
i7-7700hq, Quadro P3000, UP3214Q and UP2414Q

For sale in WTS thread. MSI Z77a-GD80, Cosmos II
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Old 27th December 2015, 5:24 PM   #15
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Intel I3 running an unRAID box as the server (EDIT: 19TB storage of which 3TB is free ). Minix running Kodi as player. Also have a Boxee sitting around for when / if I set up another TV.

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