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Old 3rd May 2017, 6:35 PM   #1
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Default [MELB] reasonably new windows phone

So my Nokia 830 has shit itself, stopped ringing or vibrating. People call or text me, if I don't see the screen light up, I don't know anyone wants me. Fuck, maybe they really don't want me but at least I used to get the occasional Indian voice trying to sell me something.

I'm not especially interested in changing phones, but I put this one in for repair (still in warranty) and because it has a small scar on one corner of the front glass, its 'damaged and warranty is void'. They offered me a 'discounted' replacement @ $299, which is pretty pisspoor since I can buy one new for well under $250 at multiple places.

So, screw you Telstra, I have no contract with you as of a couple weeks from now. Goodbye. Yes, its Nokia that are refusing to honor the warranty, and yes, its a Nokia phone I'll most likely be buying again.. pretty much no choice if I want a Windows phone but any reason is a good reason to leave Telstra.

IMO if Nokia wouldn't fix it, Telstra should have thrown me a bone... instead, I've been banned from Southland Telstra for sending an email complaining about lack of contact and bad service, and telling them that the monkey who served me couldn't even work out how to export my contacts to their ancient android prepaid loaner. Apparently he is hurt and upset now. It wasn't a racist slur, to the best of my memory he was a white Australian, just a reference to untrained salespeople.

I could just sign a contract and get a 'free' phone thrown in from someone else I guess, but of course they aren't really 'free' and there are some great month by month deals out there, so screw that. I'm looking at a no contract $15 monthly unlimited calls and sms plan from TPG.. only 3GB data, but that's more than enough for me. That's the first plan I've even looked at, I may find better of course. All I need is a phone.

So, enough ranting. Sell me your Windows phone. Minimum specs: Nokia 830. I wouldn't mind a Nokia 1520 if someone has one they will accept a reasonable price for, the physical size and the camera are pluses for me.

I'll just repeat for those who didn't quite catch it.. I'm after a modern/ish WINDOWS phone. Not interested in discussing the pros and cons, or being enticed by a great deal for an Android or Apple.

PM me if you must, but I prefer to deal in public if possible.
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Old 4th May 2017, 9:23 AM   #2
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get a 950xl from fleabay/scumtree while you still can... there was one in Camberwell when I was having a look-see yesterday.
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