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Old 2nd August 2003, 8:58 AM   #1
tez Thread Starter
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Default Internet usage leaving computer idle


Just wondering, now that Im off Netstats and on Datamonitor with Optusnet, would leaving my computer on 24/7 chew up alot of download?

I would have thought no, but this morning when I got up, it had used approximately 100 - 150mb from where I left it last night.

No other computers connected to the network were left on, and the only thing I had running was AVG anti virus, which doesnt update automatically.

Is Windows update and other hidden Windows programs constantly accessing the net?

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Old 2nd August 2003, 11:02 AM   #2
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Windows Update might be downloading hotfixes in the background. Is it turned on or off?
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Old 2nd August 2003, 7:17 PM   #3
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No, it shouldnt be anywhere near that sort of overhead. Bit hard to answer given that no one knows what apps you have running. Get yourself a monitoring program like ZoneAlarm to let you see exactly what apps are requesting net access.
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Old 4th August 2003, 10:56 PM   #4
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you can use netstat from your command prompt to see what is using the net. maybe you have some spyware running or something....
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