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Old 1st June 2010, 8:36 PM   #1
Orphan Thread Starter
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Default Cool/Sexy TV stands

Hey guys,

I didn't see any threads like this around and since I am in the market for a new tv stand I thought I would create a thread for people to post up the coolest and sexiest TV stands they have seen or own themselves to get an idea of what is out there. For many of us wall mounting isn't very fesable as even if you are able to mount it on the wall cable routing and a place for your HT gear and consoles can become annoying.

I myself haven't seen many stands in stores that I find aesthetically appealing regardless of how practical they may be and even online I am finding it hard to find anything that looks all that good. Its seems such a waste to put a great tv with a nice design on top of an ugly box.

So post them up
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Old 1st June 2010, 9:55 PM   #2
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Pseudo wall-mount? Some pretty funky solutions if you go that way; of course it'd probably help if you gave an idea of space requirements, storage requirements and taste.

(Don't like this much personally, but you get the idea.)
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Old 1st June 2010, 10:30 PM   #3
Orphan Thread Starter
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Brisbane
Posts: 2,832

I have seen a few of those that look alright. My prompting to start the thread was out of my own want to find a new tv stand but the thread's purpose was more to have people post up whatever they think is cool/sexy to give everyone an idea what is out there.

For me personally I have plenty of space and no storage requirements above a space for my PS3 and potentially an amp at a later date. As for taste, I have no idea, if it looks good to me it looks good to me I don't have any specific things I am after. One of the only things is a manditory requirement is hiding of cables and good cable management from consoles/amps/media players etc, a lot of the 'pretty' glass stands out there fall extremely short as once you hook everything up what lovely clear styling just shows all your cables hanging down the back. Most glass stands or thin 'sleek' stands tend to fail in this department as there is often no where to hide cables.

I wouldn't call these in particular cool/sexy but at least can be made comparison to.

This one is a play on the above style as semi room divider.

There are also various low lying stands some of which can look quite good as long as they are not cluttered up with stuff.

Just a heads up I would urge people to avoid the relatively cheap 3 shelf glass stands many electronics stores are selling. A friend of mine got one with black glass and brushed aluminium collums and paid ~$420 from memory so not dirt cheap and the overall quality and structure was woeful, all cheap fittings and the thing barely had any rigidity even after the being put together. It looks alright from a distance but once your close the poor quality is obvious - gets the job done but not as well as it should. Definitely give them a good test and look over first.

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