Can anyone mod an older bios to support Phenom II CPU?

Discussion in 'AMD x86 CPUs and chipsets' started by neRok, Nov 15, 2015.

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    Following out of interest, this thread is cool as shit :thumbup:
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    Update time! The flasher arrived, and then it took me a while to find the 64-bit drivers (because I am using win7x64), but I tracked them down on a russian forum and got it working. I chucked on a bios from the M3A78-EM, which was very close in terms of features, and success!!! :eek::D

    I didn't want to push my luck, so I used version 1602 from 2009/05/26, which has AGESA (the first version to support my CPU afaik), and the cpu registered correctly on the boot screens. With how well this bios is working, I reckon I could have just put on the last version which has AGESA and would have support Phenom II X6 CPU's. I have a 1045T here in another PC, but cbf messing around with taking it out.

    I disabled a few things on first boot in the bios, stuff like display port (which mine doesn't have), the parallel and serial ports, 1394, etc. Other than that, it booted up fine, I used the onboard hardware raid which recognised the previous raid config. I put on windows 10 x64, and that has been running without issue too (although the driver support for the onboard video in particular is a little lacking, but some registry tweaks got that sorted manually). LAN, VGA, DVI/HDMI is working (the bios setting I mentioned the original bios had doesnt seem to affect anything, either works depending on jumpers), audio and SPDIF work, pci and pcie ports work (have a wifi card and tuner installed), front and back USB all work, so happy days :thumbup:

    I acutally chucked a third 1gb ram chip in (the fourth is busted), and it isn't having any trouble with that either. And I ran some benchmarks and the mem test that comes with win10, and have had 0 crashes.

    So in the end, I didn't actually mod anything, just put a different bios on :lol:
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