Overclocking i7 3770k on AsRock Extreme4 - Noob

Discussion in 'Newbie Lounge' started by White Falcon, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. White Falcon

    White Falcon Member

    Jul 19, 2012

    Just bought new cpu/mobo the other day as upgrade to the rest of my system, so my crossfire wasnt bottlenecked anymore.
    Obviously did fresh install of win7 on my ssd, kept the rest of my storage the same though,
    so pretty swiftly I was back to the computer I'm used to.

    Anyway, obviously dishing out that extra $70 on the k version,
    I'm interested in overclocking, but not really sure how to go about it this time.

    These are my specs:

    Processor: i7 3770K @ 3.5 - stock
    Motherboard: AsRock Z77 Extreme4
    Cooling: Coolermaster 212+ with 2x fractal fans
    Memory: 12gb ddr3: 2x2gb g.skill 1333 ripjaws + 2x4gb g.skill 1333 nt
    Video Card: 2x VTX3d 2GB 6950 in Crossfire
    Hard Disk: 128gb kingston hyperx ssd+ ~ 7tb of varied storage
    Optical Drive: Dvd drive
    CRT/LCD Model: 24" BenQ G2420HD + 22" v7
    Case: Fractal R3
    PSU: OCZ zx1000
    Software: Windows 7 x64

    I'd previously oc'ed my i5 760 to a stable 4ghz with the cm212+,
    but that was with help from alot of guides/alot of other people that had done it before,
    and yes I've since cleaned the thermal paste off the heatsink (coffee filters/methylated spirits)

    So currently I'm running stock, idling about 30-35c,
    and stress testing prime95 at 70c after an hour ish.

    -Wondering how far I should aim for, for a stable build that wont break my parts (ive got 1000w @ 80plus gold to play with too )

    -No clue how to oc with this board/uefi/ the 1155/ivy bridge way of doing things..

    -General tips from people with the same cooler/cpu/motherboard?
  2. Carcin0Genic

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    May 3, 2012
    Sunshine Coast
    This is the best advice i can offer.
    I imagine the asrock and 3770k wouldn't differ to much. Basics will be the same.

    Btw that was my first ever build and oc. I personally wouldn't like my cpu going above 70. Once summer comes back your then looking at 80-85. But you should get a decent clock without increasing temps to much. Im not sure if i mentioned it in that thread but my temps at stock were only a couple of degrees cooler then at 4.2.
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