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Dude From Oz
Today 10:04 AM
Brownells/Sinclair have been pretty reasonable for shipping. Worst I've had was $140 shipping, but that was for a forster co-ax press, a few die sets and a heap of other bits and pieces so ended up... (533,846 views, 6,904 replies)
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Today 9:56 AM
Do you still use TIFF's ?
Well the poll says 'supplying end product'. Most often that would be jpeg. But otherwise jpeg would be the last file format I'd choose, for similar reasons as others here. (651 views, 15 replies)
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Today 9:46 AM
Retro Magazines
Yes, I'd definitely take it to scan without destroying it and return it - I've got an A3 flatbed scanner for that purpose. Unavailable means that one of the scanners has the magazine in their... (1,248 views, 30 replies)
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Today 9:42 AM
Thrown my race setup for the V8 onto the G Drive. It works for me, the rest of you aliens probably won't like it :lol: (1,446,452 views, 44,706 replies)
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Today 9:41 AM
i wanted to split my 2tb drive into 2x1tb..and just have the ssd free to speed everything up..if that makes sense?? i installed windows on ahci and irst was working for the first 2 days now in the... (79 views, 3 replies)
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Today 9:35 AM
Frequent freezing after switching from an Intel to an AMD processor
Anything in the event logs ? (114 views, 3 replies)
New Thread
Today 9:19 AM
NZ gets a space industry
http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&o bjectid=11300831 110kg payload. Hope the venture takes off! (11 views, 0 replies)
New Post
Today 9:12 AM
Sony Playstation 4 PS4 RELEASED! (29.11.13) $549 AUS RRP
Both of them are much better games than watch dogs imo, ACBF is one of my favorites of the last 12 months though so I recommend that. Pirate ships ftw! (190,895 views, 3,786 replies)
New Post
Today 9:11 AM
Fresh chilli's from the garden
I've lost two Thai/Birds Eye's to some kind of fungal rot. Branches would wilt and dry out, I'd cut them off at the trunk but nothing stopped it. (81,679 views, 877 replies)
New Post
Today 9:08 AM
Divinity: Original Sin
Bought this yesterday. Can't wait to give it a go. (5,062 views, 101 replies)
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Today 8:20 AM
EthernetOverPower adaptors instead of WiFi for renters?
Hmmm, Nope, not this little black duck. The whinge about restricted power-points doesn't hold a lot of water, there are units out there designed to be pass-through (has a socket in it) power so... (1,108 views, 43 replies)
New Post
Today 8:05 AM
Sharing bandwidth
I have recently grabbed a MikroTik CRS125-24G-1S-RM 24-port GbE Cloud Router/Switch) and after some playing around and trying to get its firmware stable (factory shipped was shit), I know have it... (566 views, 18 replies)

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