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Today 4:24 AM
[worklog]Power anal in ubuntu: bringing down power usage and heat in intel notebooks
RC6 is an Intel feature that has the GPU enter a lower power state when the it's idling. This obviously reduces power but is also known to give a graphics performance boost. It was enabled by default... (335 views, 10 replies)
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Dr Evil
Today 4:06 AM
PS4 streaming to PC & Mac coming!
Last time I checked it was rather.. blurry. Particularly when playing any racing game (Forza 5/Forza Horizon 2/Forza 6). Although I will always give credit to Sony over Microsoft (Since Microsoft... (106 views, 4 replies)
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Optimistic Pess
Today 4:00 AM
GPU upgrade suggestions
Just tried it, haven't seen any flickering yet, will continue monitoring. Also the new 'Radeon Settings' always crashes for me, when I click on the 'Display' tab. Will also post back on whether... (1,245 views, 36 replies)

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