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Today 7:19 PM
Super Pi 32M 4Ghz efficiency thread
Had a play with some ivy today but my UP4Th is wounded and everything is quite unstable :( I did manage to pull a couple of runs with quite loose timings but efficiency was still quite good as... (132,883 views, 2,225 replies)
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Today 7:18 PM
Fabs wore a thong in the demo session, wow I wouldnt ware my G string whilst driving OSW (1,824,950 views, 51,665 replies)
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Today 7:10 PM
Mad Max
Have to admit, the pre order vehicle looks f#$king awesoooommee :D (142 views, 5 replies)
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Today 6:53 PM
Your favourite ALDI buys
The one with sea salt flakes in it is very nice indeed... (41,637 views, 261 replies)
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Today 6:52 PM
Windows 10 (Preview now available)
i have 32 bit adobe reader installed and it loads just fine. (100,322 views, 1,399 replies)
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Today 6:47 PM
Help me name my business
Lol this is old now. My business is called Drawn To Fantasy :) (2,567 views, 51 replies)
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Today 6:47 PM
Missing operating system
Thankyou for all the suggestions. I'll start on them straight away. Cheers.:) (210 views, 5 replies)
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Today 6:43 PM
World of Tanks (F2P)
E25 is for sale again? :confused: (302,453 views, 5,916 replies)
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Today 6:37 PM
Proxy anonymization issue
Thanks. Yes it runs Squid. I suspect I'll have to go paddling through the squid.conf file. (at least Synology give you access to root, through SSH - it's not a locked-down platform). If I can get... (885 views, 2 replies)
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Today 6:32 PM
HP ProLiant MicroServer Owners Club! (Attempting to sell here will result in bans)
Nice work and a well put together site. (1,958,085 views, 10,438 replies)
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Today 6:31 PM
Battlefield 4 OCAU Platoon - Who Am I?
I have no perkiness. I be saggin'. ( Q ) ( O ) I have one pierced lol (16,545 views, 264 replies)
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Today 6:28 PM
Battlefield 4
I have a mech drive, occasionally I whinge about it but generally it's not too bad. Are you exaggerating about the round being nearly over before you load? It's never been that bad. (578,676 views, 15,552 replies)
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Today 6:14 PM
DIY QFH antenna for GPS
I only anticipated it would do a crystal locked output until it saw the GPS signal. Iíve already gone crying to Ublox for a sample, and might try again. (652 views, 11 replies)
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Today 6:13 PM
Free Games
Can i have this one please? Gonna try it on my arcade machine :) (158,009 views, 1,272 replies)
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Today 6:11 PM
VRC-Pro simulator laptop?
Double post. (524 views, 1 replies)
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Today 6:05 PM
Grand Theft Auto 5
You may as well just turn off that constant stream of invite spam on your phone....if you accept any of those, more often than not they are full by the time it loads up and then you have to sit... (106,868 views, 2,825 replies)
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Today 6:04 PM
OCAU Guitar Players Club 3
Try scuffing up the back of the pot with sandpaper. 80 or 120 grit should do it. (255,636 views, 4,497 replies)
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Today 6:01 PM
building a reprap
Well after considering selling the Reprap i have, and realising that its basically complete and yet really not worth that much unassembled I figured i would get off my butt and assemble it. Pulled... (2,021 views, 26 replies)
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Today 6:01 PM
MythTV General Discussion and Support
http://i.imgur.com/2aSkleH.png http://i.imgur.com/2aSkleH.png (454,956 views, 5,620 replies)
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Today 5:58 PM
Steam adopts a "Paid Mod System"... and takes 75% of the takings
Some good points there Pinkeh. (1,957 views, 40 replies)

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