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Yesterday 11:45 PM
This is quite a bit different to the MS ergo keyboards though, don't you think. I used to have one of the earlier MS ergo keyboards... and didn't mind it. But the layout on those ErgoDox.. it's a... (491,319 views, 8,193 replies)
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Yesterday 11:39 PM
Well im up and running, no OC or tests yet. I'll post them when I can. One awesome thig: I installed Win 8.1 off a USB, when I got to booting Windows it had changed the windows boot logo to the... (3,484 views, 58 replies)
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Yesterday 11:34 PM
Nice dodge Sparky, no netcode 4x? (1,523,254 views, 46,228 replies)
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Jack Harry
Yesterday 11:26 PM
GTX Titan or new 980?
Hey guys, I'm facing some confusion! :) I edit video on Premiere pro CC 14. Multicam (2-3 cameras) and very simple color correction. The most important thing for me is playback because I only... (26 views, 0 replies)
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Yesterday 11:19 PM
Samsung Galaxy S5 V Official - 5.1" 1080p, 2.5ghz Quad, Fingerprint Scanner, 16MP Cam
I wanted to go USB 3.0 now rather than wait any longer. I don't see how the S6 will be leaps and bounds better either. (21,820 views, 314 replies)
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Yesterday 11:18 PM
So uhh my first exotic just dropped for me. It's an auto rifle, hard light. It is absolutely effing amazingly insane. Esspecially with the upgrades oh my god. (20,396 views, 502 replies)
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Yesterday 11:13 PM
Ryse: Son of Rome
hahahahahahahaha well, yes.... lol (804 views, 23 replies)
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Yesterday 11:09 PM
Star Citizen
300i few months back arena commander - so i can fly it PAX AU 3 day pass CIG Event night and now my very own Cutlass next on the buy list is a hornet, caterpillar or taurus. Not cos i want... (76,434 views, 1,278 replies)
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Yesterday 11:08 PM
How Long before 700 series price drops?
what is annoying me is people claim asking $750 for a $900+ EVGA Classified 780ti barely used is a bad price now because 980 is same price and quicker/newer.. Its actual value shouldn't drop until... (350 views, 6 replies)
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im late
Yesterday 10:50 PM
Intel's Haswell-E...
I bought the ram in black. Cheers again! (36,476 views, 765 replies)
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Yesterday 10:49 PM
HWBOT Discussion Thread Ver2
Well I've given up on trying to install XP to a SSD. I've tried every differnt way and guide I could find. I've tried IDE and PCP:Pirate:. I've tried NTFS and exFAT, I've even tried SATA and... (303,064 views, 8,499 replies)
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Yesterday 10:30 PM
3DS Gaming
I played a little Smash Bros tonight on 3DS, surprised how smooth and responsive it feels, might have to pick it up in a few weeks. (63,987 views, 787 replies)
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Yesterday 10:29 PM
OCAU Guitar Players Club 3
For what it's worth I think my 7321 sounds better than my 2550z for most stuff I play and it feels almost as good once I dressed the ends of the frets to my liking. For the money I can't fault the... (231,250 views, 4,349 replies)
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Yesterday 10:29 PM
12 volt 3 to 5 amp regulated power supply
Swing by Jaycar and have a look at what they've got. (84 views, 1 replies)
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Yesterday 10:27 PM
Algae-Fueled Building: World’s First Bio-Adaptive Facade
Yes, it does tend to find its way into things, that's what causes steel to expand and flake off when it rusts. Leaf, with two solid Aussies and their luggage in it. Not that hard to... (618 views, 11 replies)
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Yesterday 10:09 PM
Gigabyte X99 SOC Force + Xeon E5 1680v3 = WINNING
Anyone find out if retail binnings are unlocked? (755 views, 7 replies)
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Yesterday 9:52 PM
DIY Solar panel setup on a budget
These guys are cheaper though. http://www.goodkit.com.au/solar-energy-products/mppt-solar-regulators/mppt-solar-regulator-12v-24v-pv-roc-solid (29,751 views, 255 replies)
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Yesterday 9:49 PM
iOS 8 Discussion (for all devices):
So extensibility is big with iOS8? Didn't know that actually!....what are they saying about this? (2,967 views, 66 replies)

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