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Today 9:21 AM
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Same. Hasn't been a decent SP game released for some time. (6,706 views, 121 replies)
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Today 8:57 AM
Elder Scrolls MMO
Naadah and I are still playing and we're about to hit 43. As you might of realised, we're both quite critical of our MMOs but we tend to push ourselves through the meh barriers to see what happens... (51,807 views, 1,129 replies)
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Today 8:56 AM
What retro activity did you get up to today?
Thought I'd post up some pic's of my $2 box. Reverse AT socket7 cyrix 233 75fsb. :) http://i.imgur.com/A5piz2L.jpg Gonna have to bust out the mallet http://i.imgur.com/9JFLFeO.jpg (12,430 views, 305 replies)
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Today 8:53 AM
Corsair H60 - Coolant crystalized
Just an update on this as promised. I booked the pick up for Monday the 24th Mar. No one turned up... No call or email correspondence. Anger level... rising... again. Booked it again for the... (815 views, 17 replies)
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Today 8:29 AM
Diablo 3/RoS Discussions / Apply For Clan Details in OP
You do a torment lvl where you can effectively kill champs under 30secs to consider it to be 'farming'. Below the 10secs threshold is my comfort zone :) There's also a fine balance between dps... (1,337,103 views, 27,502 replies)
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Today 8:25 AM
Battlefield 4
Jug likes this :) (343,373 views, 9,791 replies)
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Today 8:21 AM
LIVE Old Computer LIVE
vhw5x This giveaway box been getting parts for slowly. Has an Acer 775 board with 2ghz dual core. Had to replace 3x 1000uf 16v caps on the board. Soldering iron not enough grunt to allow... (10,238 views, 211 replies)
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Today 8:16 AM
Dragon Age III: Inquisition
I would but he just doesn't seem to understand that no means no. (4,243 views, 78 replies)
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Today 8:05 AM
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - Trusty Tahr
Running 14.04 here, had an issue with Nvidia drivers once I rebooted after the upgrade, but cleaned them out and reinstalled drivers and all is good now - So far not a single issue.:thumbup: Love... (1,941 views, 27 replies)
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Today 8:00 AM
Disable Auto Arange in - Detail-view
I've already tired the first thing with the batch, it didn't changes the issue. explore 2 might work, but why couldn't Microsoft have just giving people the option to turn the darn thing off since... (270 views, 8 replies)
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Today 7:54 AM
Gallipoli; before the crowds.
I have viewed them again - what a waste of life on both sides, and so incredibly beautiful to see the mutual respect from both sides. Your photos are such a magnificant tribute. They humble me... (853 views, 16 replies)
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Today 7:39 AM
OCAU HWBOT TEAM Z97 Competition - Sponsored by GIGABYTE!
To the guys with 2gb cards hows your mem clocking mine is shite (8,310 views, 298 replies)
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Today 7:39 AM
It's a generic downsampling tool for all games brought to you by the guy who did the dark souls and deadly premonition fix. It's still very much in alpha stages but is looking very promising. ... (33 views, 0 replies)

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