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New Thread
Today 9:47 PM
The Crew
Pls move to existing thread if it exists, I did search.. Also is it considered an MMO? zcy1DR6gr-U Just got my beta Key.. (6 views, 0 replies)
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Bold Eagle
Today 9:45 PM
Help diagnising cause of PC crash?
Agree with running a live session of Linux from a CD and see if issue occurs. Is system OC? When uninstalling the previous drivers how/what did you uninstall with? Have you tried to disable... (98 views, 7 replies)
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Today 9:43 PM
Olympus OM-D
I like my Samyang 7.5mm (53,146 views, 759 replies)
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Today 9:40 PM
The Amiga Thread (For Sale posts not permitted)
I had forgotten that they had a warm reboot. Long way back for me. I am enjoying the journey :-) I have a huge pile of demo adfs. Don't know how to get the boot block reader to read... (66,505 views, 558 replies)
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Today 9:37 PM
long-life 12v batteries?
Have you quantified how much energy you need to maintain the phone between uses of the vehicle? 2 watts over 7 days is 336 Wh which is a 28Ah 12V battery @ 100% depth of discharge. 26Ah deep cycle... (47 views, 1 replies)
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Today 9:37 PM
Watercooling support in Australia "Drying up"
problem largely is that there is just too much choice nowdays and we have too small a population, was thinking of starting my own WC supply company with my inheritance but looking at the massive... (76 views, 3 replies)
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Today 9:37 PM
Google Nexus 4 Phone - 4.7" Inch, 1280x768 320ppi, S4 Pro, 8MP, HSPA+, 8/16GB..
Yep, i do not know anyone with something like that... (185,953 views, 3,517 replies)
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Today 9:35 PM
Yeah, I wondered if it was incompatibility with certain Exchange versions. Not that you can just switch mail providers esp if it's work mail. (111,604 views, 1,865 replies)
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Today 9:34 PM
Battlefield 4
Functioning brain is optional for EGL admins from my experience... You pretty much, join, start paying money, and you have admin... they're all just idiots on power trips... (412,927 views, 11,653 replies)
New Post
Today 9:28 PM
He put chain lube on my brakes when we invited him to an enduro kart race. Wasn't a fun stint :tired: (1,426,337 views, 44,219 replies)
New Post
Today 9:25 PM
media player options
Does the Pi support HD Audio? And.. Seamless branching on BD backups would be handy, seeing as I'm having to use the BD player for those titles, as the chapter skips get annoying... Z... (320 views, 12 replies)
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Today 9:18 PM
Graphic Design - Education, Freelancing & Career questions
No not really. Its just I've only come across macs. However macs are known because of their postscript typefaces from back in the day which are far superior and every way from kerning to resolution... (168 views, 7 replies)
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Today 9:18 PM
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
I completed the first three bosses tonight. I'm a bit rusty so it was a little tough for me with a basic priest deck, but it took me two goes to get each. I'm not looking forward to the heroics.... (39,462 views, 818 replies)
New Post
Today 9:17 PM
Destiny for Xbox One - Beta is Live!
Have played it on both PS4 and XB1 now (I own both consoles hehe..) Assuming the graphics on both are the same at launch I'm terribly torn. I love the XB1 controller and almost hate the PS4... (304 views, 13 replies)
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Today 9:13 PM
Dumb or smart idea (for workstations)
.. then pay someone to help you get this set up! Work with them and learn. Since you're crazy close to a deadline, abandon MDT for now. (7,481 views, 204 replies)
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Today 9:02 PM
Microsoft Xbox One Discussion (Launched 22.11.13) $599 AUS RRP
anyone jump on Destiny beta? been downloading game content for the past 4 hours, Still at 50% :confused: (187,957 views, 4,750 replies)
New Thread
Today 9:00 PM
Weird Google maps
So in Chrome satellite view looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/DHPcApk.jpg In IE it looks like normal... Anyone have any idea why? Edit: Switched to 'classic google maps', and it's back to... (30 views, 0 replies)
New Post
Today 9:00 PM
You know the admins can see all the edits you make - right? (73 views, 3 replies)
New Post
Today 8:59 PM
No device manager on the VM, its a cli only. Im thinking it definitely has something to do with the port 902 issue, but I have no idea where its getting blocked. (190 views, 6 replies)
New Post
Today 8:56 PM
New DIY system
I like the Asus ROG boards personally, although the latest MSI boards look good too. If you want to stick with Gigabyte though, then I'd probably go for the Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SOC for $249. The Z87... (326 views, 15 replies)

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