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Today 9:32 AM
Star Citizen
Man Carrack now up and looks so sick...but we get owned. Currently via PayPal, costs Aussies $426 after conversion. (85,799 views, 1,385 replies)
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Today 9:20 AM
Assetto Corsa
WTF? a vegemite hot air balloon? (66,792 views, 1,028 replies)
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Today 9:19 AM
Mophie juice pack heats up the phone, should I be concern?
I would say it heat up when using app. That is really the only time we notice it. (65 views, 2 replies)
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Today 9:14 AM
HDD prices
Just got cheaper! https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/171453 27/11: Price changed from $140 to $129.99 Anyone got a USA AMEX? I'm keen for two units for anyone in Sydney looking to grab some! (405,866 views, 3,925 replies)
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Today 8:59 AM
Consolidated Climate Change/CO2/Global Warming Thread
The fact is that we need to be doing something,regardless of the fking cost..if we don't the world as we know it is stuffed. As Rob says in post below it's more than doable it just needs the... (69,136 views, 616 replies)
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Today 8:56 AM
Grand Theft Auto V
I cant get the returning players bonus content to unlock for me. Does anyone know how to do it? I have already imported my online char, so obviously it knows I have played it previously. (170,927 views, 2,814 replies)
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Today 8:53 AM
Hasselblad Compact for $1k. O.O!!!
Rebadged Sony... (72 views, 2 replies)
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Today 8:41 AM
Samsung Galaxy Note 3. 6.3", 3G Exynos Octa, 4G Snapdragon 800
who's your telco? what about 4.4.4? can you switch back to stock without tripping knox? (should you need to take phone in for warranty) (20,055 views, 255 replies)
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Today 8:38 AM
Which M43 Lense - 25mm f1.8 or 45mm f1.8?
and done, my Christmas prezzie to myself (988 views, 29 replies)
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Today 8:36 AM
Olympus OM-D
^^ so tempted to get this instead of the E-M10 I was planning on picking up tomorrow for $640 with kit lens I already have the 25 and 45mm prime though so these may not get used as much if I got... (69,173 views, 889 replies)
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Today 8:36 AM
Samsung XP941 - PCIE SSD
Hi Rod! just a small update: I purchased both the DT-120 + 256GB XP941! Both are running flawlessly in: SuperMicro X8DTH. Obviously not bootable (didn't even try tbh) - OS is installed on a... (2,101 views, 23 replies)
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Today 8:24 AM
Beer porn
I'm off to the states next year, I have on my list - DogFishHead Brewery Sierra Nevada Brewery Any other must visits while over there? (23,367 views, 415 replies)
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Today 8:17 AM
Building Iron Man in STEEL
That was a good watch, its good to see the face behind the mask :) (112,025 views, 751 replies)
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Today 8:16 AM
Power tool Batery adapter
Will do some visual checks today. Anyone know any off the shelf battery and charger kits with the cutoff sensor on the battery? (95 views, 3 replies)
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Today 8:10 AM
GTX 980 or R9 290x
lol its 2 months dood but ok its not like i have been doing this for 10+ years (856 views, 17 replies)
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Today 7:56 AM
The Android App Thread
Just give it to me :) (252,082 views, 3,594 replies)
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Today 7:41 AM
Headphone/Earphone Recommendations? Ask For Advice Here!
PDG1s are pretty damn nice. Dunno why but I was expecting them to be heavier, picked them up and tapped the cans wondering if they were a display model they were so light... Also Snufkin man, I... (352,336 views, 4,705 replies)

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