18650 power bank?

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    I'm looking for a reliable power bank that takes removable 18650 batteries. I've had bad experiences so far. Bought one from eBay but it was dead on arrival; bought one from Amazon, but it won't charge anything despite showing 100% battery.

    Recommendations please?

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    I use these, Soshine 18650*4 Power Bank / Charger (Soshine E3) - the older model was longer/bulky the newer revision is nice and compact. they're quite decent, the 2A output port is always solid, the 1A port can be picky.
    there's E3S now, seem to be an even newer model. they're great they show you how much power is being drawn, individual battery percentage, can put however many or few 18650s in them as you like.

    Good to search around, as the price on these can vary a fair amount, i try to find them for sub $30 a pop, then it just comes down to putting good quality 18650s in them.

    e3s-QC for 42 ain't bad. i might have to do a refresh on my bunch soon :leet:

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