2-minute garlic bread for 2, semi-caesar salad, and pseudo-wasabi salad dressing

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    As Bill Gates once said, "I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.".
    I am exceptionally lazy with food.

    2-minute garlic bread for 2

    2 x smallish cheesy buns (called Tom Thumbs here in New Zealand, an echo of Cockney rhyming slang I think)
    1 clove garlic
    Toastie iron (toasted sandwich maker)

    Cut the two cheesy buns in half, put butter/alternative-spread on both inner halves, chop up clove of garlic finely, spread across one inner half of each bun.
    Fold buns back up again and put one in each side of toastie iron - close iron but don't clamp, turn toastie iron on.
    Depending on your toastie iron's temp, it should be 2-4 minutes before the buns are 'cooked', soft and steamy, not dry.
    Open up and Eat.


    Semi-caesar Salad

    I eat this on a daily basis, on most days.

    Couple of handfuls of lettuce leaves
    About a small handful of grated carrot
    Half a small handfull of grated raw beetroot
    Chopped capsicum, about a quarter cup
    1 tomato or two sundried tomato bits (chopped)
    Small amount (maybe half tablespoon) of grated or powdered parmesan cheese
    About 1 tablespoon Cheap caesar-salad dressing (any will do, make your own if you want)
    1 tablespoon Roasted almonds (not the chocolate kind)
    1 tablespoon Sunflower seeds
    1 tablespoon Pumpkin seeds
    Piece of toast
    Salad bowl
    Frying pan

    Toast the toast and set frying pan to medium temp, chuck the seeds and almonds into frying pan. Brown the seeds, make sure they don't get blackened on one side, they should take 2-3 minutes on a decent oven top, maybe less. We're using pre-roasted almonds, it heating them just makes the fats in them more liquid and tastier.
    Grate the carrot and beetroot while you're doing this, chop the tomatoes etc.
    Then put them in the salad bowl, chop the toast up into small squares and chuck the squares in the frying pan with a very small amount of oil, stir around, leave to two minutes, finish chopping up whatever needs chopping up, then stir again and turn element off. Leave in pan for moment.
    Wash then break up lettuce, add that and all other ingredients to salad bowl, mix with hands until everything is fairly 'coated' - the red from the beetroot should bleed through into every else, and make everything just slightly sweeter.
    Then add the toast bits in, which should've become fairly 'crouton'-ish by now, and lightly mix with the rest - you don't want the 'croutons' absorbing too much moisture.

    Pseudo-wasabi Salad dressing

    Requirements (for 1 salad):
    1/2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
    just a squirt of soy sauce
    small squirt of sesame oil
    teaspoon apple cider vinegar
    Quarter-teaspoon honey, either the liquid kind or melted to similar consistency
    flat teaspoon mustard powder
    (optional): 1-1.5 teaspoon sesame seeds

    Stir together, the more mustard powder you use, the more wasabi-ish it is. In the above incarnation it is fairly light, tasty.
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    Needs some parsley flakes on that garlic bread!
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    I see that garlic bread being very raw garlic like...
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    Queensland, Bundaberg
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    Not a bad idea - I'm just lazy.

    It's actually not, it's just bigger chunks of garlic than you're used to. You could equally use garlic paste from the supermarket.

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