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Discussion in 'PC Audio' started by mAJORD, Aug 1, 2011.

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    whilst normally happy with Aldi specials, I wasn't expecting much from these, but to save any further reading, I'll conclude that for the money they're actually not bad at all.

    I'm not a cheap arse when it comes to audio, but these are merely a quick replacement for my lost Sony canal phones. (which were mediocore anyway!) , with the added (and wanted) bonus of a mic.. destined to be used mainly for casual PC audio & gaming as I typically use my 2ch speaker setup for serious music listening.

    Not much point doing an in depth review on a $25 Headset, so a fairly quick Rundown:


    Power handling: 60mW, 1min
    Tranducers: 50mm poly 32 Ohm
    Style: Full size, Open back

    Comfort: Very good.. large, full size, soft, leatherwannabe cups. 2x axis movement of the Earpeice.

    Sound quality:

    Compared to a good $100+ set of cans.. not great.
    Compared to similar priced Cans.. I'd say great.

    My fear was tinny sounding, bright, resonant... shit, like most other ultra cheap phones I've either bought or tried on, but don't fear.. whilst quite lacking in high frequency detail, and being a tad bright in the 1khz range, they're surprisingly easy on the ears even with fairly 'demanding' music.

    For the doof lovers, bass is reasonable.. It won't blow your arse off below 50hz, but kick drums, and beats are decent enough. It is a 50mm driver after all.

    For Gaming, I Played some Bad company 2, and whilst not blown away, they did the job well enough.

    Movies were probably a strong point. Detail isn't so important here.


    Not much to say, it works well.. sound recordings were clear. and did a decent job of not picking up backround noise. It is detachable with its own 3.5mm plug, and has a flexible metal boom.

    Pro's and Cons:

    -Big, soft and comfy
    -2 axis earpeice adjustment
    -Decent sound for the $
    -Detchable mic


    -Open back = no isolation, and notable sound leakage
    - No Volume control!
    -Looks ugly when on (head band sticks out)


    If this looks like the sort of thing you're after, then jump on it, they were disapearing quite quick from the local store.

    If the lack of volume control bothers you, and they're a bit big, then the Plantronics 355 for $27 at MSY would be a good alternative on paper at least.


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    Jan 13, 2002
    I'm looking for a pair of phones for my son who needs some..im upstairs from Aldi now...will see if they have some ....cheers

    Carindale Aldi didnt have any.
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  3. drjeram

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    Jul 31, 2008
    thanks for the review! I won't be replacing my AD700's with these lol, but will try and get a pair this wknd as a spare set to lend to ppl at LANs
  4. Idryss

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    Jul 15, 2005
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    Good idea about a set for the kid/s. Sick of them using my AD700's :p

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