Acer SFF 1030GT build in late 2020!

Discussion in 'PC Build Logs' started by Phido, Nov 1, 2020.

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    This is a low end build.

    I had recently acquired an Acer Vertiton SSF desktop, complete with a i7 4770 (non k) and 8GB ram and 500GB hd.

    An offer was made I couldn't refuse. I figured the non k 4770 is probably decent enough to hang in for a few more years. The SSF required a single slot half height card, and while you could pull the mobo and put it in another case and stuff around with it, that would cost money, and this is a mega low build. Any re-casings is probably more hassle than its worth. Going fullsize atxm is going to take up what small real estate there is as well. There is nothing wrong with the case or PSU, so why not just keep them.

    My eldest child has recently turned 7 and is outgrowing his AMD GX420 quadcore 2.0 SFF thinclient. While small, and power efficient and completely silent, able to run educational minecraft, mathseeds and reading eggs they were awesome during COVID19 when we had the kids at home and needed two more desktops for the kids for a few months.

    They aren't powerful enough to run any modern game, and Fortnite is his dream game. Which kicks me off my main rig for which is of course completely unacceptable. We will still keep the Thinclients, the idea is that the game machine will only be be holidays, not during term.

    Like most modern SSF, they have a PCIX16 slot, right next to the edge of the case, so only single slot, half height cards. That is a very small list. I also want cheap, really cheap.
    • 1030GT for $102, delivered. MSI DDR5 edition with a small fan.
    • 250GB SSD, WD Green, $35 delivered.
    • An old Acer 23" LCD 1080p screen became available replacing the 19" 4:3 monitor hes currently using.
    • 4770 (nonK) and 8Gb DDR3 1333Mhz ram. 4 slots are available, so plenty of ram upgrade room available

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