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Discussion in 'Geek Food' started by ddk, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Grimace22

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    Apr 11, 2006
    whats wrong with a god damn sandwhich for lunch:) Got a fridge at work? keep some sliced cheese, ham etc, tomato and put it together. There not much simpler than that im afraid, and yes you are talking to a fellow lazy bastard:) You could keep frozen veg in the freezer, cook two pieces of meat(when you cook dinner), one slightly undercooked, then nuke it in the microwave the next day?
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  2. purehybrid

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    Sep 24, 2004
    imo, the fact that you posted this thread says you are at that stage. You've acknowledged to yourself that you want to do X... now fucking do it.

    Set yourself 2 recurring phone alarms:
    1) 6:30/7:00pm each night - Start cooking dinner
    2) 10:00am saturday - Plan meals for next week

    and just fucking do it. You don't need any more motivation... you had the motivation to make a forum thread = you have the motivation to set some alarms... and you're probably already used to doing things you don't wanna do that your phone tells you to do (ie getting up for work :p).
  3. darkanjel

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    Feb 28, 2005
    There's nothing wrong with eating once a day vs three or even five, so long as the total amount you eat doesn't exceed your daily requirements and your macros are right... The problem you're saying is you don't control your eating habits for when you skip meals.

    I also had the same habit of only eating dinner daily until I moved out on my own. I gained 30kgs over the next three years eating two-three times daily. When I used a 2k deficit program to drop 10kgs over two months (once a year from 95 to 65), I used fillers like lite/soy milk, silken tofu, eggs and water to help with feeling satiated. I don't recommend it but I ate small amounts (50g-100g) of chips/snacks that are high sodium and that helped with drinking more water and was able to "skip meals" easier.

    I also find it costs me more to eat right, the low salt/sugar/fat/anything option usually costs more due to lesser demand. As such I don't restrict my budget on food, I see it as paying for the body and body chemistry that I want. I also don't go nuts either but I'll spend at least $80 a week just on meat from the supermarket just for dinner.

    Here are some simple and tasteless meal suggestions for lunch and the actual time it takes you to prepare it:
    400g roast from Woolies - two minutes (shove in oven)
    roast chicken/pork/lamb/beef - three minutes (shove in oven, put away left overs)
    steamed fish with soy sauce - five minutes (scaling an already scaled fish then microwave)
    steak and eggs - six minutes (this one you have to stand around to cook)
    boiled eggs - three minutes (peeling shell)
    silken tofu - one minute (open and microwave)
    protein shake - three minutes (combine ingredients then blend)
    tuna and beans salad - three minutes (open can of tuna, beans, corn, mix)

    BTW, eating breakfast will make you more hungry for lunch. You may find it more comfortable to eat lunch and dinner instead of breakfast and dinner.
  4. XST

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    Jan 29, 2005
    I have been on this plan for a couple of months now, lost 17kg through it too :thumbup: . In general:

    Breakfast - 2 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon
    Lunch - Chicken salad
    Dinner - variety of meats / veg / etc

    My food bill is probably $70 per week or so. Very average approximation:

    Eggs - $6 (I buy free range, but if you want to go cheaper, $2 homebrand cage eggs will do :sick: )
    Bacon - $5
    Chicken Breast $3.50 (5 servings)
    Salad - $7 (Carrots, beans, cucumber, lettuce, lasts a week). I sometimes have this contributing towards dinner. I can't eat many cooked vegies, so that salad will do.
    2 pieces lamb chop - $8
    2 pieces pork chop - $8
    2 pieces steak - $12
    6 gourmet sausages: $6 (1 per day)
    (small portions of each meat per meal, you'll be amazed how long it lasts you)

    Total: $55.50. This leaves you spare to have take-away for one day, salad dressing, etc)

    The above may not be for everyone, but I lost 17kg through it. is a good resource for this style of living (and yes, I believe it's healthy)
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  5. Widman

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    Dec 17, 2009

    Cliches are cliches because they are true ....

    "Change comes from within"

    Write what you want to do on a piece of paper.
    Photocopy it 100 times
    Stick it everywhere - bathroom, toilet, bedroom, back of front door, next to telephone, screensaver on computer, on your phone, front of the phone book, steeringwheel of car, everywhere so that everytime you start thinking in the old way you are reminded that you PROMISED YOURSELF you would think in a new and different way.

    It's up to you pal, no one else can make it happen.

    Good luck
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  6. lethoso

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    Jun 6, 2002
    If slowcooking is too much effort for you then you might as well just resign yourself to a slow death by fast food. It's definitely the lowest effort method of cooking. I do a slow cooker meal once or twice a week & freeze it in portions, roughly an hour or two of chopping shit up while I watch tv, throw it in the slowcooker, come back later and it's done. Mix with the last few weeks of cooking and I eat a different meal each night, for a bare minimum of effort.

    You sound like you need to fix your brain problems not your diet. Though a better diet will probably help with the brain problems too.
  7. broccoli

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    Feb 21, 2010
    ddk, if you are still out there, we can help jolly you along to try to make some changes. Please don't think it's hopeless, because it may not be :thumbup:
  8. GrueHunter

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    Mar 24, 2011
    Geez, dude asked for lunch recipes, not guidance counselling.

    Tuna and rice

    185g can tuna in olive oil
    1/2 bag '90 second' microwaved brown rice
    Handful of rocket leaves, ripped up
    Mandarin segments cut in half

    Mix. Don't drain the tuna. Eat.

    Eggs 'n' muffins

    English muffin, toasted
    2 eggs, poached in microwave poacher
    Rocket leaves
    Sliced tomato

    Put sliced tomato, rocket and an egg on each half of muffin. Eat.

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