REVIEW ALCATROZ Xplorer 5500M Multimedia Keyboard/Mouse Combo Review/PSA

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    Inspired by Ripjaws Cheap case reviews, which I've always liked. After my tech break, I went to MSY and bought a bunch of cheap shit, I feel compelled to start with this:
    ALCATROZ Xplorer 5500M Multimedia Keyboard/Mouse Combo Review.

    Today we are having a look at a cheap Keyboard/Mouse combo I bought from MSY.
    It is available for $14 from MSY Australia.

    I purchased this because I had to pack up all computer stuff a while ago and needed a keyboard till I can access it all again.

    The package:
    At the risk of rendering the rest of this review worthless: The box is the nicest part of this combo. It is solid, has gloss on the pictures on the front and the highlights on the back, slot in tabs to keep closed, and is structurally sound. Certainly made of quality cardboard with lots of attention to detail placed in its design and construction.

    The Contents:
    Xplorer 5500 Keyboard.
    5500M Optical mouse.
    Immediately we can see that the 'multimedia' part of the description was a lie, the keyboard doesn't feature a single dedicated multimedia key.

    Specs and system requirements are pretty simple (it's a Keyboard and mouse) But the box says:
    Designed for Windows XP.
    Certified for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
    Macintosh... Not compatible or certified, Just Macintosh.
    With the only Requirement for the pack being 2 USB ports.
    The box touts some really good features you can see in the pictures, Soft and silent keypads, Hi-Definition 1000cpi optical mouse, UV coated keypads, Quality and reliable soft touch membrane keys, Top quality injection finishing with firm responsive click.
    At this point, and with a lack of Engrish, you really feel that effort has been put in with this product, it even touts a 2 year warranty.

    Let's do the keyboard first:
    Before I took it out of the box, I pressed a random key, It did indeed feel soft, and it was indeed quiet, as stated. I was impressed, this proved to be the last time I would be impressed by the keyboard.

    Taking it out of the box, the weight of the keyboard is slightly heavier than the mouse. And slightly heavier than the box. The box and mouse combined weigh more than the keyboard does.
    But that's OK, doesn't need to be heavy to be decent!

    So I placed it on the desk and plugged it in. Computer picked it up, and delete worked as I was able to get to my bios. But pressing this one key revealed a massive problem instantly.
    See those feet? Yeah... They're plastic.
    So with each keystroke, the keyboard was sliding around my desk like a beer down the bar in all the movies.
    If you have a large desk, and want to slide the keyboard from one side to the other to be cool, then this is the keyboard for you!

    This problem drove me mental in about 20 seconds of starting this review, I got about a line in before I had had enough of this keyboard. 2 cents worth of rubber could have fixed this problem... 2 cents. I thought maybe my mousepad could fix it?
    I placed it on my Razer Goliathus Speed Desk mat.
    Not even a $30 mouse pad could fix this keyboard, still slid around like mental on the desk mat.
    So I taped the damn thing to my desk mat.
    NOW we're getting somewhere, I can finally see if it types good...

    No, it doesn't. The keys feel nice surprisingly, they're quiet, decent enough if only a little more squishy than other cheap membrane keyboards, but then you get to the end of a word and inevitably need to use the spacebar.
    It's loud, so loose it wobbles if you breath in its general direction and flexes more than any I have ever used.

    The Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock lights are too small to even see in a slightly dark room, and the red printing of letters on red keycaps is impossible to see.
    These facts didn't affect me because I know where all the keys are on a keyboard and can tell from what my computer is doing if any of the locks are on, but I thought I'd mention it.

    I Gave up using it by the time I had finished the contents section of this review and switched to my laptop for the rest, and the only good thing I can say about this keyboard is that it has drainage holes for spills, which actually might be a bad thing because you'd have to keep using it.
    But all is not lost, I did indeed find a use for it.
    It makes a good laptop stand, raising it just enough to make typing a little more comfortable, and allowing better cooling as well.

    Now, $14 is a lot to pay for a laptop raiser, maybe the mouse can redeem the package?

    The Mouse:
    I don't have a lot to say about the mouse really. It is not the cheap Chinese $1 piece of shit that the keyboard is. It has a decent weight to it, same for the clicks of the buttons, same for the scroll wheel. Ditto build quality, performance. The mouse is what you'd expect for any cheap combo, Same as any mouse from a cheap Rapoo, Logitech or Microsoft desktop.
    The USB plug is better on the mouse, and the cable even has some nice texture to it.
    It feels like the mouse was made and then they decided to tack a keyboard on later.
    Or maybe the mouse was included so it would be seen as impressive next to the keyboard.

    In summary:
    Do not purchase this set for any reason. Realistically, $10 would be too much to pay for this quality. Maybe $5 for the average mouse.
    A far better option would be driving to your local MSY and keeping an eye out for computers on the side of the road and taking one of those keyboards.
    YES, literal rubbish would be better than this keyboard.
    And literal rubbish keyboards also have the plus that you can pick one up 24 hours a day!

    While the mouse seems really good compared to the keyboard, IE: useable.
    It would be worth MAYBE $5 at best. In a world of cheap dollar bin mice being sold if I saw this mouse for $1, it would be the best thing in the bargain bin, but it's not, it's part of a $14 set.

    I am not taking this set back or throwing it out. I will find a creative way to destroy it so one less person in this world will ever have to experience this keyboard.
    The 2 year warranty makes me sad to think that someone could potentially use this for anywhere near 2 years.

    If you were to insist on a brand new cheap keyboard and mouse for a build (say a young person getting into computers, or a spare PC)
    For the love of god just buy a Microsoft 600 desktop
    I know $22 is a lot for a cheap Keyboard and mouse, but $8 more gets you something much, MUCH nicer to use. And the Microsoft 600 desktop is a lot better than the Cheap Rapoo sets and even the Logitech MK 120 Desktop set.

    Written and compiled by FIREWIRE1394 for
    Overclockers Australia:
    Please feel free to Share or use any of this Public Safety Warning / Unboxing / Review / Tech Sheet / Anti Ad etc as you see fit, But Don't be a dick and claim credit for any of it.

    DO NOT BUY!!!
    Has a really nice box.
    Mouse is better than any under $5
    Keyboard is woeful at best, Hateful at worst.
    DO NOT BUY!!!

    I can't get the images to display, so if someone can fix that for me feel free.
    The pictures really help break up my bad writing style.:lol:

    I'll have some other cheap reviews here soon. (or if you don't wanna wait, head over to and have a look around and stay for a while.)
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    you're copying the wrong links from imgur, you need the BBCode link or direct link with http://www.i.imgur/yourpicturename
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    Thanks for that :thumbup: All fixed, when I post to the other forum, it auto turns the normal links to images for me, and I've gotten lazy just doing that.:lol:

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