Aldi and Costco coming to Adelaide

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    Feb 21, 2010
    New one, at Mirrabooka Square. It's not near the edge of the mall, it's right inside the shopping centre. Coles is not as far in, and Woolworths is not far in either. I suppose if you parked on the other side, it'd be better, but that carpark is a bit of a bugger to get a spot compared to the other ones. The location isn't as good as the other supermarkets in there, that's all, and if you traipse back to return their trolley, it's a bit of a trek. It's no big deal, you can either do a small shop where you don't need the trolley, or a huge shop less often.

    EDIT: The girls loved the cat food, even the fussy cat who came to me only liking those stupid expensive little tins.... We have a winner, thanks Aldi. I hope they continue to like it and don't decide they hate it after I stock up.
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