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All of the exciting new hardware for 2015: NVME, A-Sync, Skylake, Radeon 300

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Hardware' started by sickre, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. sickre

    sickre Member

    Jan 13, 2004
    Hi all,

    I've been following tech hardware for a while and it seems like we have a big onslaught of new and exciting products coming this year. This might not all be accurate, but is based on tech articles.

    Intel's 14nm Skylake Desktop is set to release in October, over three years after the prior 22nm devices first went on sale. This should mean faster speeds and less power draw.

    With the new Intel CPUs comes the 100 series chipsets and LGA1151 socket. There should be some improvements to PCI-E, which will help some of the new SSDs coming which use that connector.

    NVME technology should slowly replace AHCI (which was designed for mechanical harddrives), unlocking the power of SSDs. The first NVME SSD for consumers has been released, the Intel 750. Prices should continue to come down. Current motherboards are not universally compliant with NVME for boot drives just yet, though we can imagine the next generation of motherboards will be.

    Graphics Cards:
    Unfortunately a nm size reduction is off until next year, though AMD's Radeon 300 series should be revealed and launch June/July. Early 'leaked' benchmarks show very impressive performance. Even if you prefer Nvidia, competition should lower prices of their GPUs.

    Eliminating screen stutter via G-Sync/Freesync should have a big impact on the gaming experience. Additionally, being able to enjoy games at say 50 FPS rather than having to shoot for 60 FPS gives room for higher resolutions or graphics options. The earlier 'sync' monitors seem to be very expensive and possibly prone to ghosting issues though, so perhaps best to wait.

    All in all, looks like some great hardware coming and a good time to build a new PC later this year.







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