Anyone with a 2070 founders and a multimeter?

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    Feb 27, 2002
    I acquired a card which completely burnt out its 12v PCIE input.

    burnt 2070.jpg

    Which, oddly enough seems to be not a completely terrible thing. The card powers on and gets 12v to 3 places, and 5v to one.

    The red coils are dead and therefore points of interest.

    If anyone's got one, you know how to use a multimeter, and you're feeling brave...
    I'd love to know what voltage the red coils are meant to be.
    Your card must look exactly like that though (except maybe a different 8pin plug arrangement).


    You CAN run a card briefly without a heatsink. Common practice is to hold your fingers on the core while its on and kill the power when its too hot to hold. It'll be hurting you at about 60-70c. While operating without drivers (ie vga mode eg in the bios) it should only be ~0.8v and should last a good 15-20seconds before it gets too hot to handle.

    Hopefully, one of those dead coils will be 12v and that's where I can rig an alternative power supply and see if she lives. I suspect the bottom right on the top side.
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