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    I'm coming to the stage where I need to wire up my Arcade Machine for the admin buttons etc so starting this thread to be my asking for electrical help.


    First things I need to do is I have some Omrom B3W-9 Tactile Switches I need to work out the wiring for.
    As per my arcade thread I will have them in a 3x2 config as shown in my latest image also below.


    They will be lit in this configuration.

    Each button is meant to be able to turned on and off in 2 places.
    Via the cathodes using dip switches and also via the anodes on dip switches.

    I did have a really basic schematic I drew up you can see that on Imgur fullsize

    But looking through the datasheet for the leds and checking the LED's have separate cathodes as well as separate voltage requirements, so basically I have no clue about electronics like this.

    Here is a snip from the datasheet about the LED's, I have the duel red/green coloured buttons.
    led specs.JPG

    I basically need to work out the amount of wires I need to bring out and how to wire this up properly.

    As the buttons are surface mount I also don't know how to mount them on the admin panel and was wondering about using a circuit board maker for this.

    So hoping someone here can help me out as I know bugger all about the indepths of doing this stuff and my skill level I kinda need a electronics person to help.
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