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    I'm looking at AV upgrades for my kids footy club and I'm keen to find out what other people do to see if there is anything I can improve upon.

    Currently we have:

    - PA system with internal and external 100V speakers (both can be switched on or off)
    - Dual Wireless microphones to the PA amp.
    - Bluetooth audio receiver to PA amp

    Audio and Video
    - manual video switch (composite RCA) with output to Projector
    - DVD Player with audio to PA Amp and video to video switch
    - Set top box with audio to PA Amp and video to video switch
    - A projector (can be networked, but currently is not) with input from video switch
    - VGA Port direct to projector (next to projector screen for presentations)
    - 3 TVs (only free to air TV connected)
    - A HDMI input from outside via a really long cable that is connected to a video camera. When games are being videoed for later review, we also pump it inside and onto the projector for people to see the game during luncheons, elderly people inside in bad weather etc. This is also split off to a TV in the canteen via a powered HDMI splitter and another HDMI cable, so that the people working the canteen can see the game as well.
    - Camera is powered by power pack since battery does not last a whole game.
    - Old speakers and old amp (domestic so not 100V) are used to provide disco music to the dance floor for events. Not connected with PA amp at all.
    - Corded microphones with inputs near VGA port for projector, but really not used anymore.
    - CCTV system

    Current issues:
    - HDMI cables, power cable and splitter are a pain to setup every time.
    - Can't get video into the rooms to get live video of the team singing the song after a win.
    - No one else can really use the HDMI input as it's a long cable rolled up and lives in the ceiling tiles
    - No one has VGA ports on laptops anymore - need some other input like HDMI / display port
    - Disco amp and speakers have to be manually setup every time, and power and speaker cables are run across the floor. Amp is out in the open and at risk of drink spills. RCA audio input only.
    - No network or internet

    - NBN internet plan and a few APs.
    - Network TVs and projector and anything else that can be networked put onto different VLAN and SSID (stop people messing with music or presentations)
    - Network CCTV so some people can view footage remotely
    - New HDMI cabling setup - fixed in place
    - Disco amp in secure locaion but that would mean long speaker cables runs
    - Fixed speaker cables runs and have plugs and jacks on wall point and speakers
    - wireless HDMI dongle for the camera?
    - Or wifi connected camera?

    Keen to hear what you have, and I'm open to input or suggestions on any of the above, thanks!

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    you need to draw a reasonably detailed floor plan diagram thats marked up with existing equipment locations and post it here to be able to get the right advice or pay a professional to go out there and have a look. If there is any areas where its difficult or impossible to get cable runsto then that should be noted as well.
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    Contact someone like Rutledge AV in Melbourne

    do it once.. do it properly

    And re live feed from a kids change rooms.... just no....
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