Bacon and Mushroom Chicken Parmigiana

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    May 31, 2006
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    So since becoming single, I have had some extra time to think about food, cooking for one is annoying but it makes you think about what meals you are going to have.

    I have always been OK in the kitchen, but never pushed myself too much. Now I decided I should push myself a bit more. Anyway, enough rambling and get too it..

    I apologise, I only took a photo at the end, I have more than enough ingredients to make another, which I can take more photos if you would like.


    Crumbed Chicken Breast
    Fresh Mushrooms
    Mozzarella Cheese
    Tomato based sauce - I used a Traditional Pasta Sauce as it is nice and thick.


    Pan Fry the crumbed chicken breast, (you could crumb your own, especially if making more than one, it could turn out cheaper) till it is cooked evenly on both sides - Aiming for golden brown, not black.
    Turn the oven on whist cooking this, I had oven to 200c, results may vary, (this oven seems rather slow).
    Fry the Bacon till it is cooked, but still soft.
    On a oven tray, put the cooked Crumbed Chicken Breast, a layer of tomato based sauce, Bacon in a layer, a layer of sauce, Mushrooms, sliced in a layer, another thin layer of sauce and then a generous amount of Mozzarella Cheese on top (enough to cover fully, remember that it melts).
    Put this into the oven, for approximately 10 Minutes or until cheese has melted and turned golden brown.

    As my oven is rather slow, I got ready some vegetables whist waiting for the parmigiana to cook. You may wish to do this whist the crumbed chicken to brown. My choice was mash potato, carrots and beans.

    End result:


    It was very very nice!!
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    Jan 28, 2003
    Mate that sounds delicious... mushrooms, chicken, bacon & cheese... 4 of my favourite things! I'll give this a go and report back

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    Aug 9, 2001
    nice one leroyxx :thumbup::thumbup:
    Who doesn't love a good home made parmy :D
    with cooking like that you'll have the ladies lining up round the corner :leet:

    If you wanted to make the cooking a little bit faster you could put the chicken breast between 2 sheets of glad wrap and bash it slightly thinner by using a rolling pin or empty bottle.
    It will cook more evenly meaning you wont have a cooked skinny end whilst waiting for the fat end to cook through.
    Buying chopped tin tomatoes is perfect for this too

    I love to add a drizzle of BBQ sauce & worcestershire.

    If you were thinking of things to make ...
    Fried rice always goes well (i have my own non- authentic version)
    Eggs - cheap and make a quick healthy meal, very versatile.
    Its getting cold so some cheaper cuts of beef/pork shoulder throwing in with some stock and veggies fill you up.
    Pasta sauces - make a batch and freeze them. then just cook pasta and defrost sauce as needed :)

    You've made me hungry.
    Keep on cooking the good stuff and come back to share :cool:

    Here is some awesome garlic bread & from scallopini the other night

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