be quiet! Dark Rock cooler 4 request !

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    May 8, 2015
    Hi guys,

    I bought a be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm AIO cooler online before they were sold here in Australia, at the end of 2017 for my 6850k x99 platform cpu.

    So the pump died last week and although its been under 3 years I read the instruction manual and it says you need to provide proof of purchase from an authorised retailer. I bought it off a seller on ebay. So I'm pretty sure I'm screwed. Perhaps I should contact be quiet as the device hasn't even been around for 3 years?

    I also have a be quiet Dark Rock 4 fan cooler on another crap machine that I want to transfer over but do not have the x99 mobo attachment plate. Does anyone who has this cooler have an x99 mounting plate that they don't use they could send me?

    Tall order I know but I figure it's possible. Saves me getting another cpu cooler.

    Assistance appreciated !

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