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bluestacks android emulator and steam

Discussion in 'Google Android (OS & Devices)' started by BobJustBob, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. BobJustBob

    BobJustBob Member

    Apr 30, 2009
    PERTH, W.A.
    hello you,

    i've known about bluestacks, the android emulator for ages. i even used it a few times in the past to see what it's about and played some of my android games on pc. i also become aware that some people use it for steam mobile authentication purposes if they don't have a phone or whatever. i didn't need to do that in the past, nor do i now, really, but i am thinking of using it now, specifically, to get rid of the deliberate cucking of selling on the market by valve. without one, you wait 15 days to sell anything. yeah, right.

    so i'm about to set it up, shortly, and wonder if you are such a user already, what are your thoughts? any dramas or unexpected happenings? i'm only interested in technical things, not politics like; "since you're using it on the same pc it's not real 2FA anymore." i get that and accept the risk.

    what auth codes will they send you apart from when selling on market? when i log into steam each day? i assume and hope not. i still get receipts via email right? i assume it's the same ones as using steam guard via email, and those will stop once using mobile auth?

    there is an easy way to detach this mobile auth once i'm sick of it? is it easy and painless? iirc, when setting it up, you get a unique code generated per "phone" which you're meant to save somewhere safe. that will be your "key" to undo or recover i assume.

    apart from "not true 2FA" are there any cons to doing this?

    edit; and if i should do it but use a BS alternative name it. i say bluestacks since it's the main/big android emulator. if there is a sweet/safe sexy small one, do advise.

    edit 2: aha, now i remember why i gave up on this shit before. the shits valve still require (from further reading, not trying) a phone number to send you some b/s sms code. why? why not send whatever code to existing steam linked email? they really want to get your real life details the mining scum, don't they?
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2019

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