Buchaille Etive Mor

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    Sep 3, 2002

    This incredible spot in the Scottish Highlands is visited by many (Glencoe). Glen Etive is a valley that leads down from the highlands to Loch Etive. It's been made famous by Bond shooting there in Skyfall but really is just a beautiful part of the world.

    We arrived at the start of June, and Scotland was amazing but the midges (like extra annoying sandflies) were out in full force. This was the day before shooting some photos with one of my best mates and his wife as their wedding gift in the highlands so we were scouting about.

    Just as we came back up from Glen Etive this passing rain shower rolled through and there was a crazy sun shower. This is how it turned out.

    Sony A73 + Canon 24-70 (adapted) ... no filters and handheld.
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