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Cabling & you - the rules.

Discussion in 'Electronics & Electrics' started by Rogue, Jul 26, 2005.

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  1. Rogue

    Rogue Old Member

    Dec 23, 2001
    Peakhurst NSW
    After closing many threads for claims about the legality of installing your own cabling, I decided to contact the ACMA yet again to verify the current legislation.

    Here is the long answer:
    All customer cabling work in the telecommunications, fire, security and data industries must be performed by a registered cabler. This includes all fixed cabling that connects to, or is intended to be connected to the telecommunications network. All data network systems that connect to or may be connected in the future to the telecommunications network are included in this requirement.

    Here is the simple answer:
    If the cabling is run through a wall, ceiling, floor or crawl space, it must be installed by a registered cabler. This includes the use of pre-terminated cables and 'clip-through' keystone jacks/wallplates.

    Running pre-terminated cables along hallways, skirting boards, etc is also subject to legislation regarding the potential OH&S implications, potential for damage due to furniture edges, chair wheels and foot traffic, etc.

    This has been verified with two different sources within the ACMA, and I have the supporting emails archived.

    What this means:
    Going forward, any threads asking for advice on how to install data/phone cabling that would be in breach of the legislation will be closed.

    If you don't like the legislation, go and speak with your local member of the ACMA. OCAU is not empowered to change this legislation.
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