REVIEW Cheap Case Review #11 - SHAW Micro R Line mATX "Gaming" Case - Video!

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    Cheap Case Review #11 - SHAW Micro R Line mATX "Gaming" Case - Video!

    Back at it again with another review.
    How coincidental posting the "Eleventh" review when Stranger Things 2 just came out, hmmm (You get me?)

    I initially didn't want to review this case after the ROTA/SHAW K500, even though I was initially going to get that when they were out of stock. But since the recent small price drop, I thought - stuff it, let's go pick up this case and see what it has to offer.



    (I drew a thin line, a MICRO LINE, between this case and the Hero, you get me, sorry)

    If you don't want to watch the full video, that's fine, I will give a quick rundown of the features and my Pros & Cons if you should decide that this case may be for your next build.

    While I praised the SHAW Micro Hero for it's get to the point design, I was quite excited to get the Micro R case and have a look at it. Straight away I knew it was going to be the same layout as the Hero, but with RED LED Fans! (WOW), which I hadn't seen as of yet.

    Boy was I in for a surprise.
    What the Micro Hero HAD, the Micro R takes it away with it's cheap tacky plastic bezels and the "For Illustrative Purposes only" pictures on their site makes it questionable as to how it could look like that. Unless you modded the heck out of it. Which I would say go with the Hero to mod out.
    You can see this HERE.

    I can't really specifically say anything else about this case due to it's internal layout being identical to the Hero, but it's appearance is what kills this case to the ground.

    Here's the rundown of what is good and bad.

    *Cheap Price - $39 (As of 28/10/17)
    *Includes 3 Fans preinstalled.
    *Practically any PSU, GPU, CPU Cooler should fit in this case.
    *Micro ATX fits great as usual.
    *Ventilation on the front and top bezels are the only useful and good thing about them.
    *Cable Management is great and plenty of options to route them throughout.
    *Side SSD mounts are actually quite useful.
    *Sturdy frame and quite solid.

    *It's a SHAW Case. It's either hit or miss.
    *Appearance won't appeal to everyone with it's forced over the top look.
    *Front I/O PCB is bent and screwed into place which would likely lead to problems later down the road.
    *Only 1 x USB 3.0 (Which is an internal header with a USB 2.0 connector with it)
    *Side acrylic window is good, but the front and top bezels are absolutely atrocious (In my opinion).
    *Slightly bigger than the Micro Hero due to the addition of the bezels.
    *Not to mention, they don't even all line up, you can see this in the video.
    *Radiators and bottom fan placement is a letdown (Still).
    *Only plastic feet, not a big deal.
    *Internal cables still aren't all black.
    *Red themed case per say, but a Blue Power LED. Power button feels like it's stuck.
    *Unlike the SHAW Micro Hero, the screws included with this are all silver screws and not black.
    *Only one dust filter for the PSU, no filters for the front intake.
    *Take caution removing the side panel as it will fall straight off after removing the 4 thumbscrews.
    *That CE mark on the box being taped up, hehe.

    Overall: 6/10

    Not as good as it's other variation due to the plastic bezels. Way too cheap.

    I also chose to build this with an ITX board to see how different cable layouts would be, they are OK (The board has all the I/O towards the top), and I wanted to also see if I could install a top fan which I was able to do. But if you do plan on putting an ITX setup in this (Which to be honest, stay with mATX) you may find issues with cables reaching behind the motherboard tray and the side panel not being able to shut etc. Just thought I would note this.

    That's it, no more SHAW Cases to review from this new lineup from MSY. I feel I have done it justice.
    You can see the winners and the losers of this lineup, and I still stick to my guns with the Micro Hero being a great budget case that can be used either for a decent budget build, take the fans out and stick it in the office or mod the hell out of it.

    Another note, I was going to review the Micro 7 case. But it was a toss up between this or a case with an LED strip in the front that's probably borrowed from one of the fans.

    I enjoyed reviewing this season of SHAW. What will they bring next? I guess we will find out next year hey.

    Thanks for all your support for watching, commenting etc. The budget market is making a comeback and I love covering it all.
    Next, I turn to eBay to find me the next "GAMING" case, stay tuned.

    Till next time.
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    Nice write up and vid
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    The Micro 7 LED strip is a bespoke piece of kit, plastic diffuser and a few LEDs on a pcb shining into it.
    Grabbed one earlier today to use the base chassis for some mods.

    MR CHILLED D'oh!

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    Wow, cheap and nasty are my first thoughts. Seems even entry level are going psu shrouds now days.

    Good review RJ.
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    pretty good quality video.
    the best bit is where you broke it lols
    looks cheap and nasty close up.

    i suggest Antec GX1200 for your gaming case,it's quite good and not too pricey.


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