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Discussion in 'Overclocking & Hardware' started by __Ripjaws__, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. __Ripjaws__

    __Ripjaws__ Member

    Feb 17, 2010
    3043, Melbourne.

    I am back with another review of the newest or, sort of newest, SHAW line up of cases. The GM series.
    (Edited slightly to do the follow up post)

    To recap to date, I have done 3 reviews.
    First being the SHAW GT1 Defence
    Which wasn't actually that BAD of a case. It had it's flaws but overall wasn't that bad.

    Second being the SHAW GT-CDF1 Defence
    Which was an improvement over the last case but still not a perfect case.

    Then the third which was a MAJOR FAIL, the SHAW GT-BDF1 Defence.
    It was not...something usable. At first I liked it then it turned into a shit storm.

    Moving on to the fourth review!

    So, why did I decide to do this. A simple trip to MSY and curiosity decided I should walk out of there with this case. I have seen some unknown cases on the test bench at my local MSY that I couldn't identify - I now know what they are.

    SHAW Case owners club should flock here :):thumbup:

    Let's just start this review off by saying - $29 can get you a long way now.
    Are Super Mem really thinking that "WE CARE WHAT YOU WANT" Slogan on the box is really taking off. We WANT more stuff in their cases when we are all on a budget? Maybe...Let's see. Here we go. Number four GO!

    Notes - I am doing this for fun. I have a life. I want others to see that the budget market is still kicking, but how good is it. This is what I am finding out! And because maybe this time around opinions kind of change.....

    First looks of the box:


    Ok. First looks of the drawing of the case on the box instantly reminded me of something Corsair..ish..maybe. Or that obscure company who makes ridiculous cases that are kind of good and are green...bleh...whoever they are.

    So. This case does NOT come with a Power Supply. It's written on the box a total of 8 times around the box. As well as the name of the case. In case you had forgotten it when cutting open the box to get the case out. It's even printed underneath the box! On the sides! Everywhere. GT-GM5(WITHOUTPOWERSUPPLY) - All one word there.

    I'll just mention it again, it didn't come with a Power Supply - RIPPED OFF BIG TIME! Hah. Serious..8 times.

    And all the usual crap text on the front from the last 2 cases, they care what we want, trouble free, blah blah blah. The box isn't important, it's what's inside the box. Is another box. That may have another box...boxception. This isn't going anywhere -.-

    I must say the design on the box (And the low quality jpeg on MSYs website gave me a positive look on it - even though I have been kicked hard from the last case, I gave it another chance. Why not!?)

    Also the weight is the same as the GT-1. Even WITH a Power Supply. Yes they weigh nothing. Have to give an honorable mention to the MSY staff that had a good laugh about a SHAW 975 outputting 300W at most :)


    Standard plastic bag over the case and 2 x protective hard foam covers. It survived shipping to the store, so it's a positive. Same as last time, nothing changed. Literally. Nothing changed here. Moving on.

    But looking at the case when I had opened the box made me go "Ok..we are in for something big now"

    First impressions:


    WOAH. Ok. Hold on. This looks really good! Too good. This is a SHAW case.....SHAWly not. No..It looks good. Dust intakes, a nice finish on the plastic, shiny plastic.....let's dig in a bit further here.
    Look at those feet on the case! They are like, four feet tall! This is looking good.

    Front Panel:


    Right. We have a BIG JUMP from the previous cases. It actually looks good. With filters, a nice finish. It's really good. What could it be on the inside though? Better or worse? Is it just another SHAW case thrown at us, or is it from a different family......hmmm....hint.
    Also, does the front remind you of the door on the CoolerMaster Stacker 830 Case? That big filtered intake on the front? No? Yes? Eh.

    Front I/O is as usual. One USB 2.0 Port and 1 x USB 3.0 SS Port. Front audio (Which is HD Audio only now). There's also a second port for a USB 3.0 port. It's even labeled on the, well top of the case. And it looks like just a USB port hotglued to the front anyway. But still - why not use the opportunity to use 2 x USB 3.0 ports and use the included internal header? Why not? Save money! (A picture further down shows the PCB)

    As for external drives we have 2 x 5.25" Drive bays with filtered intake covers on them. Which is quite nifty I am going to say.

    Also as for Power and for reset. Power is that big square in the top of the front bezel, not too bad, it's clicky, can't complain. The reset is next to the USB 2.0 port. It is recessed slightly so you don't accidentally throw a barrel at it and reset your PC.

    Side Panels:


    So it's looking like the CDF1 here. With the side panel having a bump to it. There's also a mount for either a 120MM or 140MM Fan. Which is convenient for CPU/VGA cooling.
    Same goes for the right side (In terms of the bumped out panel) which indicates there could be some cable management going on here?
    Paint is also of acceptable quality and same colors for all parts of the case. They also have very little flex in them also.
    Very pleased with this.

    Thumbscrews for both sides makes it easier to take off the panels (They were tight when I first got it though).

    Back of the case:


    $29. Painted all black. Water cooling holes. 120MM exhaust that's optional AND A BOTTOM MOUNTED POWER SUPPLY (Thank god, they are catching up). For $29? That's good! And it feels of decent quality. We have the same paint coating as the sides to keep with the continuity. Ventilation near the expansion slot covers. They are also pop out expansion covers which is usual with cheap cases. So nothing much to be new here.

    Let's say again, for $29? This is too good to be true.

    No power supply. No power supply. No power supply. There it's clear. Thank you SHAW or Super-Mem for clearing that up for us. 8 times.

    Bottom of the case:


    Hang on. $29 again? We have a dust filter for the PSU mount and those feet on the case are awesome! Not only do they bump the case up a certain amount but also improving airflow a LOT for the PSU. That is a HUGE bonus in my books. And they have rubber grips on the feet to reduce any vibrations in the case. Amazing.

    Even though the dust filter is cheap - it's included. It's there. That's all that matters. Kudos!

    Inside the case:

    Ok before this starts - be prepared to see the inside. It's not a mirage. It's true.


    This is a great case inside! Look at it! It's got everything a modern case needs!
    Cable management, CPU cutout, toolless mounting, painted all black, not of a cheap quality, an absolutely astonishment to me when I first seen it. I thought back to the Tornado-680 and now look what we have. For $29 you can pick yourself up one of these. You even have tie down bits at the back of the motherboard and cable management is easily achieved.
    Stuff it, all the other SHAW cases don't exist. This owns them completely.
    It's actually USABLE. And user friendly.
    It's not cheaply built, the steel is rolled back, no sharp or cheap edges. Very, very impressed here.

    The PSU bottom mount also has rubber bits to prevent vibrations from the PSU.

    Now with the drive mounting. You only get one SSD mount for that cage and 2 for the 3.5" cage. You can not change them around or anything. So, you can only mount what they give you which is odd. But hey, the case is a HUGE improvement from last time so I will let it slide *devious look*

    The 3.5" drive rail mount things accept an SSD each also. The drives also snap into place (Except 2.5" ones which require screws) but not for the actual SSD rail mount.

    Towards the front of the case you can see the PCB for the USB and audio etc. It's cheap, but it will work. The USB 3.0 Port is simply an actual USB port glued to the case that runs to an internal header.

    All I can say at this point is that, this is simply amazing. For $29! Value for money here guys!

    Behind the motherboard tray:


    So including the bump in the side panel, around 1.3CM of room for cable management. And including the little tie down points, you would be able to make a decent build with this case on the cheap. Those holes are definitely handy and a very nice touch. Plenty of options for working in this case.

    Taking off the front panel:


    Taking off the front panel was a "snap". Get it? Just came right off nice and easy.
    Now we see two fan mounts that could be possible on the case for 2 x 120MM Fans. However, how they mount is on the front bezel, there are 2 little areas for the fans to clip into (Which I show in the pictures). They were a bit fidgety at first to get in but once they were in they were secure and the fan blades never hit anything.

    You can also see the dust filters for the intake covers and the power on button just there.

    Build quality:

    Excellent. For $29. Excellent is all I can say.
    So yeah there's a few mistakes that I can see so far.

    Not enough of the drive rails (Trust me, there's no others included).
    3 x External 5.25" bays but only 2 are accessible (Due to the case likely being used for the other GM series)
    A random 3.5" internal bay that would have been used as an external bay for a card reader or whatever.
    And accessories is just a bag of screws and 1, only one, water cooling grommet.

    Otherwise, impressive. I would have to make a build with it to completely test the theory.

    Here's some extras also -

    Video Card Size | This is a GTX 260 in here. Biggest card I have at the moment. No problems for clearance. A high end video card would be able to fit in here not a problem. Even an SLI setup or XFire setup would be achievable. That's if you wanted to. Not like...I'm telling you to.

    CPU Cooler | Testing the theory here that this does in fact support huge coolers. This Thermalright cooler is the biggest I have. I chucked a 120MM Fan under it to sort of emulate the height. I can say you can have a decent cooler in here but you won't be able to have the side fan in use though.

    Recap over it's simple features -
    Mid Tower "Gaming" ATX Case (Mini/Micro/Full ATX Support)
    Front HD Audio. 1 x USB 3.0 Port with internal header, 1 x USB 2.0 Port.
    Option to install 2 x 120MM Front Fans, 1 x 120/140MM Side Fan, 1 x 120/80MM Fan.
    3 x 5.25" External Drive bays (2 are actually only external)
    4 x 3.5" Internal Drive bays (Two with rail mounts, one using screws, one 3.5" in the cage you can't put anything in)
    3 x 2.5" Internal Drive Bays (One included rail mount, the other two aren't used)
    Note: You can also use the 3.5" Rail mounts to have 1 x SSD mounted on each.
    NO POWER SUPPLY. Thank you SHAW. We appreciate it.
    RRP: $29 AU.


    So here we have an actual usable case from SHAW. None of this cheap sharp metal, none of whatever were wrong with the old SHAW cases. This is simply a bang for buck case. If you need to build a PC on the cheap for a friend or for yourself, whatever. I recommend this case no problems! It's high quality, it's all black, dust filters, bottom mounted PSU, PSU rubber mounts, everything. There's a few things that bother me, but other than that, it's quite an acceptable case!

    Positive Notes:
    *Price - $29 @ MSY For any budget build really!
    *Cable management holes are a HUGE bonus.
    *Bottom mounted PSU! Finally!
    *Dust filters for front intakes and PSU intake.
    *The bottom feet with rubber grips make the case look awesome (IMO)
    *The case actually looks good!
    *Plenty of fan mounting options.
    *Watercooling options are definitely available.
    *Options to fit a variety of drives.
    *Paintjob is of high quality.
    *The whole case is of high quality.
    *The box still gives me the giggles.

    Negative Notes:
    *Odd choices with drives only including 2 x 3.5" rails and 1 x 2.5" rail.
    *No fans included.
    *Small amount of accessories (Screws and 2 x Water cooling grommet) - Edited - I found 2 in the small bag that came with it.
    *Expansion screw holes do not have threading in them which makes GPU installation slightly difficult.
    *SSD Cage was a bit bent when I got it out of the box.
    *The cages can not be removed.
    *The name SHAW is still associated with it.

    Hope you have all enjoyed reading this long review.
    I can't stress enough how each case has been hit and miss and then we have this one that just completely eats the others for breakfast.
    And at $29. It's unbeatable value! Even the CoolerMaster ones don't offer cable management (To an extent). But they do include a fan. Hard to justify. I like the look of this much more to be honest. And if I had to build a PC for someone on a budget, this would most likely be the case to use.
    It's not too big, bulky and aggressive. It maintains the simplistic look, but gives the user a case that looks more than $29.

    I am doing this for fun like I mentioned. Their PSUs will still always be explosive shit bombs. But the cases are actually something to think about now. No I am not getting sponsored by MSY to do this. And to say positive things about the case. I just can't get over the fact for the price, you get all these great features.

    Don't flame me for judging a SHAW case. I know they are bad, but out of interest, I bought this and I don't regret it :)

    Thanks for reading! (I need a punch for everytime I mentioned SHAW)

    Post your comments and opinions below!
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2015
  2. FqqTBawL

    FqqTBawL Member

    Apr 11, 2011
    I bet it comes with a Power Supply.....
  3. ChoppedLiver

    ChoppedLiver Member

    May 2, 2011
    A shaw gaming case.

    Is that a case that you use to keep your board games in ?
  4. OP

    __Ripjaws__ Member

    Feb 17, 2010
    3043, Melbourne.
    Yeah I suppose. When I get to the reviewing (soon). You will see how many times it's written on the box.
  5. Smokin Whale

    Smokin Whale Member

    Nov 29, 2006
    Pacific Ocean off SC
  6. JunkDogg

    JunkDogg Member

    Sep 5, 2013
    Perth 6169
    Now this I am looking forward to.
  7. Ratzz

    Ratzz Member

    Mar 13, 2013
    I had to look up the case, just in case it actually looked half decent for a change :lol:


    Has anyone ever wondered why many case manufacturers have ONE usb 3.0 and a usb 2.0 on the front? Don't usb 3.0 headers always support TWO ports?

    Since 2.0 is backwards compatible. I've always thought this to be rather strange. To paraphrase a certain well known young quasi-hispanic girl... 'why do we have both?'
  8. OP

    __Ripjaws__ Member

    Feb 17, 2010
    3043, Melbourne.
    Looks can be deceiving! And the 2 x USB Port issue is within the review. They decided to have a punch out for another USB 3 port but decided to use one.

    Full review up now for everyone!
  9. OP

    __Ripjaws__ Member

    Feb 17, 2010
    3043, Melbourne.
    Full review up now!

    It took a bit of time but it was worth it.

    Looks can be deceiving with the tiny little JPEG on MSYs website.

    See for yourself :)
  10. Smokin Whale

    Smokin Whale Member

    Nov 29, 2006
    Pacific Ocean off SC
    Awesome! Long live SHAW! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    *fanboy squeal*
  11. OP

    __Ripjaws__ Member

    Feb 17, 2010
    3043, Melbourne.
    Not what you expected was it :p
  12. Asteroid

    Asteroid Member

    Jan 6, 2005
    Lapping Freo
    Damn that's all right, a little ugly but ok. How big is it externally? Sort of standard midi-ATX size?

    I might get one of these to re-case the htpc.
  13. c_hegge

    c_hegge Member

    Feb 17, 2012
  14. OP

    __Ripjaws__ Member

    Feb 17, 2010
    3043, Melbourne.
    Well it's no bigger than your standard CoolerMaster RC series case.
    Think of the K380 and it's a little smaller than that to be honest :)
  15. OP

    __Ripjaws__ Member

    Feb 17, 2010
    3043, Melbourne.
    Hah, this one COULD be crushed but not so easy. It's stronger nowadays :D
  16. OP

    __Ripjaws__ Member

    Feb 17, 2010
    3043, Melbourne.
    Build log:

    Pictures coming very soon. Just doing the install on it and tidy the build up a bit and should be good to go.


    I am actually quite surprised it went as well as it did. I know it took me a while to finally get it together, but I have and it was about an hour to assemble (A few breaks inbetween and the idea of a multi-LED fan in there) and it was done.

    First step: Preparation.

    Took both side panels off flawlessly. Took the front bezel off (To install fans).
    Had to pop out one of the 5.25" bays for a DVD drive. I could not take it out by pushing the little clips out of the way, had to use a flat head screwdriver to nudge it out.
    Zalman 120MM Red LED Fan clipped into the front bezel. And I decided to remove the USB 3.0 port from the case.
    I ordered this CLICK ME to install to the top of the case since it has the second USB 3.0 port blocked. May as well take advantage of it. And use some awesome hot glue!

    Second Step: Installation.

    DVD Drive goes in. And the toolless clips for the drive bays, kind of...fell apart. They aren't one piece like the CoolerMaster variants. It holds the drive in..just. Screws are obviously needed on the other side.

    I/O Shield (This is damaged due to using a very stuffed AMD board, but it works :D), popped in with no dramas.

    Motherboard, standard..er....standoffs. Screwed the board down with the included screws. No problems.

    Power Supply, a little odd at first but eventually got it. The little rubber strips kind of got stuck to the PSU and had to jimmy it in. Got it in the end. Used the screws provided to install it.

    SSD. Used the SSD rail mount. I screwed it in and placed it in the bay. Done.

    Video Card - PROBLEM :)

    I used a GTX 465, so it's dual slot. I stuck it into the PCIE slot and began to screw down at the expansion slot area to secure it. When the screw began to just pop back up. So I thought - use the smaller threaded screws. Nope they went straight through. It turns out - as far as I can tell and work out - there is no threading on the screw holes on the case. Thus you have to kind of "make your own" with the normal standard case screw. The card is in but that was a major problem there. (Taking the expansion slot covers off were easy also).

    Third Step: Cabling
    I honestly did what I could and happy with it. I used the cable management holes to take use of the front panel wiring, 24 Pin, 4 pin, both 6 pins and both SATA power cables from the Seasonic PSU. And the SATA cables for both the DVD and SSD. I cable tied it all down and put the extras beneath the 3.5" drive bay. I was able to close the side panel with a bit of force but it doesn't stick out or anything, quite pleased with it.


    FRONT | BACK |

    Building in this $29 case was easy. And if you haven't already read and seen the review above, do so at your own will cause it's a bit TL;DR :D.
    I can't stress enough that this budget case is perfect for any build really. With fan options etc you can't go wrong.

    Only downfall, the problems listed in the review and the fact the expansion slot screw holes (Is that how I can describe them?) are not threaded make it a bit difficult to install a GPU etc. That one mistake made this case lose it's rep slightly. If I can put it that way :)

    Other than that, happy with the result and will post pictures up tomorrow hopefully (And edit this post also).

    Thanks for reading again!
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2014
  17. OP

    __Ripjaws__ Member

    Feb 17, 2010
    3043, Melbourne.
    All updated and ready to go. Review is done. I looked at it, I built in it, and I put it to one side. Easy!


    For those interested - I invested in a GT-GM4 case (Not pictured on the MSY website, which is kind of why I bought it)

    Here's what it looks like HERE

    What was changed from the GM5?

    The front. It looks more. I don't know. I prefer the GM5 look to be honest.
    Everything else is exactly the same, I mean the same - EXCEPT!

    You can NOT mount 2 front 120MM fans in the GM4. As the front of the bezel goes down into a very narrow shape at the bottom.
    You could chuck some Scythe tiny 120MM fans in there, but you need the special screws for the case, which don't come with it.
    Expansion slot threads for screws still not fixed.
    3 x 5.25" external drive bays, however only 2 are actually external with the third having the actual case structure behind it.

    I ended up using parts from this to make a bit of a franken/case from the GM5 (Which is actually not too bad I will admit)
    Accidentally ripped the front power button off from the inside as I yanked the bezel off and it kind of came with it.

    Anyway, not going to go into too much detail. The GM5 takes the win (You should all see it now with it pumped up with RED LEDS lol!)
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2014
  18. n2p4u

    n2p4u Member

    Oct 1, 2003
    Got this case and built a system in it...

    Things to note,

    * only 1 DVDRW is really usable as the cabling for the front panel ports interferes with the top one and the bottom has no removable cover...

    * DVDRW Locking mechanisms are useless

    * There is enough room for 212+ Evo to be mounted

    * The back panel screw slots arnt threaded as above and are a BITCH to screw things in....
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2015
  19. mangomanau

    mangomanau Member

    Jan 5, 2015
    Just wanted to say thanks for the reviews on this case.

    Ive bought two for other people now and my thoughts are the for the price I absolutely luv the case.

    There are few things to be picky about.

    I didnt like the tooless attachments for the DVD (5 1/4 slot) either. When i was plugging in the power to the DVD the unit popped out.
    I went to put screws in the other side and found the case was wonky and the holes didnt match up.
    The case sides dont go on all that well, which im guessing is because the metal on the case is not the thickest (but heh i prefer cases which are lighter anyway).

    Raised feet are nice under the case, as is the removable bottom dust filter (a little crude but a nice addition).

    Also i like that there are no holes in the top of the case (which i hate because i dont build gaming machines which need the ventilation and im worried people will put things on top of the case which will drop in through the grille).

    I like the front mesh on the front as i prefer to mount a fan in the front.

    Now my two main issues with the case were.
    The front USB 3 (or rather top) does not seem to work as a USB 3.
    It plugs in with the USB 3 header but does not achieve speeds faster than USB 2. I only noticed because one of the system i installed said the device is not connected to a high speed usb port. Its definitely not a motherboard issues as i tested the case with other mainboards and also plugged in one of those USB expansion boards you get for the 3 1/2 inch slot.

    My other main beef was with the screws for the mainboard, there were some screws to use but they are the kind of screw i use to screw in the DVD. IE they didnt have the serrations on the bottom of the screw head so they lock onto the motherboard slots without having to tighten them much.

    Im pretty sure normally you would get screws to do that with a case.

    Anyway im not a system builder by trade, so my points may be invalid or incorrect.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2015
  20. zyn0

    zyn0 Member

    Jan 15, 2015
    Will r9 290 fit?

    I have this case and am looking at buying a r9 290. Do you reckon it'll fit in the case?

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