Cheap design and noise monitor: Disappointment ACER AL2623W experience

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  1. windwithme

    windwithme Member

    May 11, 2007
    From this March, I start to research LCD monitors and want to have a new
    I have the impressive experienced with INX 19JS LCD which is SHARP OEM
    version 3 more years ago.

    Same shapes with different logo, the other design and functions are all the
    same, purchased price is about 780USD.

    Unfortunately this company change their warranty from 3 years become 1
    year in private without any notice.
    When this serious problem exploded on forums, many Taiwan retail shops
    start to decline their products, this brand suddenly disappeared within 2~3
    The only lucky thing I had is the LCD made by SHARP with great lifetime
    quality even I lost the warranty.
    That LCD also have great display quality with SHARP ASV panel, I had never
    seen any better LCD got same true color and gray level in the normal LCD

    After my researched, the first one I bought is DELL 2407WFP.
    Comes with SAMSUNG S-PVA panel, the industrial design and function is
    outstanding, the color is also good after I corrected it.

    Below is the non-corrected INX 19JS LCD compare with corrected bright and
    RGB parameter DELL2407 (The difference will become smaller after use the
    color correct tools)


    After few days, I’m not satisfied with DELL 2407WFP default quality and try
    to have other batter IPS panel LCD.
    So I start to study other products and panels info, the MITUBISHI RDT261WH
    did have great recommend and very popular in Japan with 1000USD street
    NEC also have same 25.5 inch IPS panel LCD but higher price about 1150USD.
    Because Taiwan market size is smaller, most popular LCD is about 22 inch
    with cheap TN panel. The better choice besides TN panel was few brands on
    24 inch and DELL 27 inch with SAMSUNG PVA panel LCD.


    I wait for more then a month, just want to have FEELER 25.5 inch LCD with
    IPS panel.
    There were demo machine on retail shop in March, the same shape with the
    MITUBISHI one, only reduce 1 DVI become 1 D-SUB and 1 DVI design, also
    change the OSD style.
    But the bad news in April, that FEELER LCD still not sure the launch time in
    Taiwan, and I saw someone posted the ACER AL2623W LCD in forum.
    Than I sold out the DELL 2407WFP and purchase one ACER AL2623W with 800

    The price is good, I got them in mid April, heard that this is the first lot with
    few quantity.

    Take the first look with packing, the BOX is huge because the stand base
    connected with LCD.


    LCD connects cables. The slimmest cable I’ve ever seen in my life, not even
    close to catch up old 19 inch LCD cable quality.


    The ACER AL2623W.


    Plastic based design.


    Look the back side, full of the holes with full plastic quality.



    DVI/D-Sub/Audio input
    This LCD have internal speaker.


    Power input and bottom.

  2. OP

    windwithme Member

    May 11, 2007
    All the bottoms are under the panel, the speaker out put is also under the


    Plastic shell base comes with metal.


    The heat spread holes above the panel.
    Too big hole size, we can even seen the internal IC part numbers.
    You may also see the back light if lucky.
    That will cause the dust problem that failure the circuits.



    Very small up and down angle, that’s also the only movable part.



    Syper2express color corrected.


    Panel info
    The first lot seems use LPL IPS panel.


    Let’s take a look on pros and cons on ACER AL2623W

    1.Cheaper then same level Japan LCD with 200USD more. But only few gape
    with FEELER.
    2.Use IPS panel, got better recommends compare with SAMSUNG PVA panel.
    3.Many OSD adjust functions, contrast, bright and RGB adjust.

    1.All solid plastic design with metal spray paint only.
    2.Built-In speaker with only volume adjust, can not turn off.
    3.Too many big heat spread holes to let you see through the IC parts, when
    the monitor power on, there is some electricity noise from above holes of the
    4.Power on too slow, that may take 4~5 seconds, jump out ACER and turn to
    the display status.
    5.OSD function is below the panel, inconvenience, bottom tag is not clear
    enough, no one bottom switch the input.
    6.3 year warranty but no delivering service.
    7.Same cheap plastic design with low cost 19 inch to 22 inch. Far from high
    value shapes.

    Let’s discuss about the noise problem,
    I did use many LCD monitors in my career, include many type of
    17/19/22/24/27 inch, this is the first time I heard about some electric noise,
    there were some ACER AL2623W users also heard about the noise on forums
    in Japan, and they called that exhaust noise.
    As I know, LCD monitors should not have noise inside, am I right?

    The shopping forum in Japan

    There also had some users bought this LCD and share their experience,
    some one also mentioned their ACER AL2623W have same noise too.

    The forum info in Taiwan

    Seems that’s not only my LCD issue, the happened percentage seems more
    like that’s original design issue on this series products or some components
    The COMPUTEX2007 show at start June, ACER had big booth size and demo
    two lines of many type LCD monitors and TV.
    I just take my private time for 2 days to ask the LCD noise issue when I
    power on the LCD monitor in any mode. I met 2 different ACER staff in 2 days.
    The first day they ask me to left my personal info, they will ask their
    engineers to contact with me.
    The second day the guy only told me that’s my LCD problem, please ask for
    warranty fix flow.
    When I ask them “Do you have any LCD department staff here that can
    answer my question or resolve my LCD issue?” The answer is NO! They don’t
    have any LCD department staff in this trade show.

    Then I go to ASUS booth to take some pictures just in front of ACER, they
    have more then 2 LCD PM to ask what I need and answer my questions.

    Then I start to think about this.
    “COMPUTEX is one of the big worldwide IT show with high quality and class,
    most of the IT manufactors were doing their best to show their products and
    send our their elite staff to support all the products and show, but ACER
    seems no LCD department staff even they demo more then 10 set of LCD
    products, so what are they going to show and explain for us?” Do they think
    to put all the products on the stage called finish their works in the big trade

    I was wonder the IPS panel should have better color present quality, could
    be real better then SAMSUNG PVA panel.
    But after I bought it and compare them, the color range only wins a little
    with DELL 2707WFP 92% color range version, also not really wins a lot with
    DELL 2407WFP, so don’t try to compare with INX 19JS SHARP ASV panel.

    Below is ACER AL2623W/DELL 2707WFP comparison
    (All adjusted with OSD and tools)
    Shape design quality: DELL wins.
    Add on functions: DELL wins.
    Gray cooler level: All the same.
    Color present: DELL is gorgeous, ACER is light.



    Even the idol on monitors said he only have one chance, but windwithme
    gave ACER 2 chances, I took 2 days to ACER booth in COMPUTEX2007 with
    big rain to ask the LCD design issue and wish I can get some feedback form



    I’d mentioned the most important things on LCD display quality is Panel
    resource/Circuit design/Color adjust, panel is absolutely the most important,
    but internal circuit design is also the way to enhance present result. Maybe I
    didn’t use other IPS 26 inch LCD like MITUBISHI or NEC, but I think that will
    be more difference then ACER.

    ACER AL2623W did use IPS panel, but I can’t fell the real IPS advantage with
    high color range and natural color present, the color quality pretty close as
    PVA panel, that could be some circuit design issue.

    trustedreviews-ACER AL2623W Review

    trustedreviews-ACER AL2416W Review

    trustedreviews-ACER AL2216W Review

    I believe may not able to sell out this ACER AL2623W LCD after I post this
    honest experience, but just like the INX 19JS incident, I wish I can offer
    some real status with the product to help users for reference when they
    want to buy LCD.

    In addition, ACER really needs to enhance their LCD design and present
    At last, here is the OSD adjust numbers.
    Contrast 45%, RGB all 75%

    If there is anyone who have the ACER AL2623W and can feel the strange
    noise, please notice us as a warning to support me, thank you in advance!
  3. TaroT

    TaroT Member

    Jan 18, 2002
    Hazelbrook nsw 2779
    nice little review (being funny :) )
    i have the 2216w and no noise for me but on all other points i ahve to say you are right
    the build quality is pretty sub standard and image wise i ma still to this day trying to get it right, by the way what was your brightness setting?

    I have a aoc 22 inch here and side by side the aoc absolutely eats this acer much so that i am considerign moving this to the bedroom and picking up an aoc 210v.

    now back to the noise it could be the backlight humming or the power either way it really should not be making thta noise
    what happens when you do very fast random colour flashes light to dark etc
    does the hum keep up with it or is it constant?

    anyway thanks for taking the substantial amount of time to right this article and i hope everyone takes the time to read it.
  4. Meatbix

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    Jun 5, 2007
    Id you want beautiful build quality and fantastic viewing angles youy might want to look at the Apple 23" Cinema display. It's SWOP certified too so colours should be spot on once you calibrate it. DVI only, but with that class of monitor who's using other inputs?
  5. OP

    windwithme Member

    May 11, 2007
    I use DVI of this tset for INX 19JS/DELL 2407WFP/DELL 2707WFP/ACER AL2623W:)
  6. OP

    windwithme Member

    May 11, 2007
    Here is some useful information about LCD reviews.

    Besides English website trusttreview got some negative recommends on ACER
    One of the Japan LCD test website also have some detail reviews on 23~26
    inch LCD monitors, fortunately, ACER AL2623W did outstanding with only 1~2
    stars recommend. The same IPS panel on NEC/MITSUBISHI 26inch LCD got
    highly recommends and many stars.

    Japan miyahan LCD reviews

    This URL apply many information about LCD panels.


    The Syper2express/SyperPRO built-in color correction pictures info.
    The built-in monitor color correction pictures
  7. n2o_spark

    n2o_spark Member

    Jul 15, 2005
    on a completely random side note ( your review was excellent btw )..

    what are those cool little key chain things that you've got pictured in some shots, and where can i get some?
  8. DiZyPhEr

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    Mar 2, 2003
    Wow windwithme, may I say its an honour to have you on our forums, I have followed your postings on xs for a while now you always give great reviews and always have your hands on things early!

    Not sure how long you've been here but this is the first time I've seen a post by you here so again welcome:)!

    For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about check out his threads on xs:

    Edit: Oh and that little glass/plastic thingy is what he uses in all his reviews/previews
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2007
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    Dec 2, 2003
    Perth W.A.
    i see you havn't given eizo monitor test a spin yet?


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