Consolidated Soldering and Rework thread

Discussion in 'Electronics & Electrics' started by trackhappy, Feb 23, 2013.

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    May 6, 2008
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    No worries Unifern.. I bought a JBC system so budget is a lot higher than $600.

    Start with Hakko FX888D then buy the tips you want to use.. recommend the small 0.3mm chisel and bent hoof (invaluable for drag soldering)..
    Mektronics have the full range of tip types..

    Also budget for good tweezers of various sorts.. especially if you work with SMD 0603/0805

    Then we can talk about microscopes haha.
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  2. BlueRaven

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    Jul 29, 2010
    Good supplier :thumbup:

    [oops, not supposed to Vendor Verdict, but... :)]
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  3. unifern

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    Aug 6, 2013
    BlueRaven that fan model num seems to be T1297 hopefully the boomarm one is enough for now, wouldn't it still be good to ventilate? this evvblog video @6:53 recommended a 'Kingsom KS-180 HEPA'
    currently $360.94 shipped however might take 2-3months to arrive so maybe i can diy something in the near future if the fan doesn't cut it.
    haven't come across a sub 1grand out of window extractor yet but ill keep looking.

    that YIHUA 878 looks decent i don't mind spending a bit more, though you make sense in getting something like that and budget for the pro stuff later.
    the large price gap difference between clones and genuine brands is surprising.

    anyone had any experience with the Micron T2052? i can't seem to find any reviews
    otherwise ill stick with the Hakko FX888d and other standalone parts as suggested.

    somewhat dreading working with those tiny SMDs guess the benefit of retro gear is the large components lol good point with the tweezers and tips.
    Once I'm confident enough i really want to build the 'deckards dream mk2' diy synth kit but it's BOM is 4233 parts :eek:

    For desoldering a ZD-915 goes for $150 seems to be the same model as the discontinued TS1513 jaycar sold?
    there's also ZD985 though EEVblog had quality control issues with his had quality control issues @17:55
    I'm guessing QC issues are rampant in all these unknown brand clones.

    with hot air rework there's also seemingly a million variety of clones
    yihua 858d, 8766D, Quick 957DW, 857DW+, Atten 858D+

    welp bit tougher than i thought to narrow it down, lots to think about. maybe i can stretch the budget into the 800-1000 range otherwise might stick to entry level and budget for pro gear later if i burn through it.
    either way with my desktop out of action till the new PSU arrives, got nothing but a laptop and time to keep researching all this haha.
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  4. pfrcom

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    Aug 23, 2009
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    Used to be rebranded XYtronics

    If I'd known about Hakko when I bought originally, I wouldn't have bought Micron

    Tale of my experience:

    Although, to be fair, subsequent to getting a JBC station from Mektronics, I ended up importing from USA a compatible XYtronics handpiece for my original Micron, which is still working to this day

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