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    Apr 20, 2003

    Well today I went a little kookoo, and bought a new N64 setup. My ozzie one my brother chucked in the bin a few years ago with the big stuff cleanout he did at my mums place. Spewin!!, I Still have a euro PAL spec N64 in Holland, where I was appalled at the picture quality from this thing.

    So TODAY I bought a NTSC N64 , already region modded for JAPAN and USA, and with a RGB mod kit I have to solder in. (the Ultra HDMI modded ones are 350US plus.. which is WAAAAAY to much)

    I also bought a Euro N64 power supply (x2) and 2 Gamecube controller adaptors to N64 as I hate the N64 controllers.

    These are more expensive that non name brand N64 sticks, but these are supposed to work really well. They are from Raphnet, and more info here..

    Last but not least on todays list was the Hyperkin HD HDMI Cable Adapter for Nintendo GameCube/N64/SNES, which will be used for both my N64 and my SNES. (I have a proper HDMI solution for my GameCube's)(will also have to RGB mod my SNES's)
    Are they worth 30 bucks? beats me, lets find out.

    Also along with this list is a mint copy of Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber.

    Ill finally be able to play in 60hz and will complement my Krikkzz Everdrive. (currently set to PAL, but will swap it to NTSC when this thing arrives )
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