Crispy Garam Marsala Lamb Salad

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    Crispy Garam Marsala Lamb Salad

    A delicious combination of crispy lamb with fragrant indian spices as a foundation for a refreshing citrus carrot and cucumber salad. The two parts of this dish harmonize to highlight the theme of minced meat for the second OCAU Iron Chef!

    1 - Ingredients

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    All fairly self explanatory. The mince is lamb from Feast butchers in the Central Markets. The tub of spice in front is the Garam Marsala, which is a blend of cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and other exotic spices. It is not hot, but is a very fragrant with a flavour that brings out the sweetness of the dishes it is added to. And the pink salt is Murray River Flaked Salt in case you were wondering...

    2 - Toasted sesame seeds

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    To be sprinkled on top

    3 - Toasting the cumin seeds

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    ...then crushed in a mortar & pestle for the dressing - the aroma was awesome!

    4 - Squeezing the citrus

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    1/8 of an orange, and a half each of lemon & lime

    5 - The dressing

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    Zest & juice of the 3 citrus fruits, toasted cumin seeds, 1/4 tsp of ginger and plenty of e.v. olive oil

    6 - Peel-slicing the salad

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    De-seeded the cucumber, peeled the carrot, and then used the peeler to get thin ribbons for the salad. Good texture, and looks great too :thumbup:

    7 - The dressed salad

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    Lightly coated the salad with the dressing separately so the plate doesn't have a pool of dressing on it.

    8 - Frying the lamb

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    Started it off with a bit of oil, and fried some garlic in it to flavour it. Removed the garlic and added the lamb and some of the flaked salt.

    9 - Crispy Garam Marsala Lamb

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    Frying and stirring the lamb mince until it goes into crispy nuggets, then adding a couple of tablespoons of garam marsala to give it some great flavour, and the aroma of the spices made the whole kitchen smell wonderful.

    10 - The Finished Masterpiece (additional images added as not sure which one looks the best on other people's screens...)

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    Plated the spiced mince and topped with the salad, then sprinkled some flaked salt and sesame seeds, and decorated the plate with some extra garam marsala.

    It tasted fantastic, and looks pretty cool too. It's a fairly cheap dish and relatively easy to make so it can be a regular dish for the household. Hope you guys and gals enjoy, it's worth giving this one a go yourselves :thumbup:

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