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Downloading Catalina from the prompt

Discussion in 'Apple Desktop Hardware/Software' started by Blinky, Sep 1, 2020.

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    Jul 4, 2001
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    Something that I was reading late last night talked about how Apple IS in fact slowly removing access to older OS and how my syntax for the software-update has only stopped working recently in a point release of Catalina.

    I didn’t find a solution because I got sidetracked to something else I have been looking at, the command ‘starttoinstall’ which is found in the Catalina App, inside the Resources folder. I am yet to make it run a unattended install where it erases the install drive before the install. I will always get a interfering flag. Try it and see if you can figure it out, I need more coffee.

    Open Terminal and run the command below to see all the flags available for the startosinstall command:

    /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Catalina.app/Contents/Resources/startosinstall ‐‐usage

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