Duck Mince in Potato Parcels with Perigeux Sauce

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    My entry is:

    Duck Mince in Potato Parcels with Perigeux Sauce

    Raw ingredients: pepper, thyme, rosemary, duck breasts, swiss mushrooms, truffle carpaccio, garlic, shallots, kipfler potatoes, carrots

    Making duck mince. Remove skin from breasts and reserve, then mince the breasts.

    Mushrooms, shallots, and garlic diced and into the frypan with a splash of cognac.

    ... add the duck mince and fried until just done. Then add thyme leaves and chopped rosemary.

    Potatoes peeled, shaped, then sliced wafer thin with a Mandolin. Arranged in a pinwheel on some Glad Wrap.

    Into the pinwheel goes the prepared stuffing ...

    ... and the potato parcel gets wrapped.

    Glad Wrap is used to hold the parcel together. It goes into the freezer to firm it up a bit.

    Fat from the skin (left) is rendered to make oil which is used to fry the potato parcels.

    Demi-glace reducing down to create Perigeux sauce. Into the sauce goes some Madeira and truffles.

    Finished and plated.

    Cut in half to show filling. The potato parcels turned out pretty well - the truffles give a forest-y smell. The duck tasted OK, but it would probably have worked better if I made a sandwich with it (duck breast, duck mince, duck breast). The sauce is as it should be - thick, velvety, glossy (see the reflection of the potato parcel?), and with great depth of flavour.

    The Perigeux sauce is very simple. First you start with the Demi-Glace:

    - bloody big stock pot
    - 1 beef femur. Ask your butcher to saw it into 5cm chunks.
    - 2kg gravy beef, cut into 2cm cubes
    - 1kg chicken wings
    - 3 carrots
    - 3 celery stalks
    - 2 medium sized brown onions
    - 1 leek
    - 4 garlic cloves
    - 2 bay leaves, 10 sprigs thyme, 10 sprigs parsley, 5 sprigs rosemary - use a leek leaf and wrap then tie with kitchen string.

    Arrange all the bones, meat, and chicken wings in a single layer on a roasting tray. Roast under high heat until nicely browned. Turn the meat over and continue roasting. All sides of the cube must be browned. You will run out of oven space, so do the roasting in batches.

    Meanwhile, roughly chop all the veggies and garlic. Chuck it all into your pot and sweat until the veggies are clear. Then add water until 1/2way and bring to a quick boil.

    Gradually add the meat as each batch finishes roasting. Keep topping up with water to cover the meat. When all the meat is in, fill with water till you reach the brim then bring to a gentle simmer.

    Go away for 12 hours. Keep coming back to skim off rubbish that floats to the top.

    Allow to cool then skim off all the fat from the top. Strain the mixture into another pot and bring to a fierce boil. Reduce stock mixture by 2/3'ds.

    In the original pot, add more water until 1/2way. This is to extract even more goodness from the meat and veggies you have left. Simmer for another 4-5 hours, then strain into another pot. Discard the meat and bones, or bury them in your garden. It makes great fertilizer.

    Add the herbs and boil for 2-3 hours. Then discard the herbs, and strain the stock from both pots into one pot. Keep removing scum and fat. Boil down the stock until it becomes velvety and just coats the back of a spoon.

    Allow to cool and refrigerate.


    To make the Perigeux sauce:

    - 2 cups of demi-glace
    - 1/4 cup of Madeira ("Malmsey" in Australia)
    - a bit of truffle, finely chopped
    - 50gm butter

    Add everything together except the butter and boil down until the right consistency (gelatinous and sticky, like the jus they serve in restaurants). Add the butter and stir. Serve immediately.

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