Emergency 'Temporary' VPN for remote users.

Discussion in 'Business & Enterprise Computing' started by KonMan, Apr 9, 2020.

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    Just run OpenVPN on your CentOS box.

    1. It's free
    2. It's temporary
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    All good, better to spend your easter weekend with family rather than thinking about work!

    Is it possible to disable on the draytek side rather than client side, just in case some users haven't bothered?

    Would surprise me if you couldn't, I'd expect most VPN solutions would have a setting for whether you can access the admin portal via the web, via a VPN connected machine or only from the corporate LAN. Just remember if you're all working offsite that you probably still want to allow admin from a VPN connected machine.

    You can, in fact last I looked there were pre-made scripts that allowed you to import a list of IP ranges to allow/block based on countries for most popular firewalls (at least the ones that allow bulk imports). Consider with this though that they're not always 100% reliable and up to date, so you may end up accidentally blocking legitimate traffic/users.
    Also look at what you're trying to protect/prevent, and if it is better achieved another way - port scanning isn't likely to be a big issue if it's running on 443, it's the HTTPS port so is incredibly common on the web, it's not generally scanned for VPN access. Sure a targeted scan may happen for softether running on 443 but unless there is a known vulnerability I'd say it's less likely to happen. The key safety measures I'd take with something like this is making all passwords a decent strength and using something like fail2ban to block IPs if multiple login attempts are made - a lot of the time bots will try common usernames such as admin/administrator/root etc so blocking the IP based on multiple incorrect attempts is generally more worthwhile than just a temporary account lockout.

    The other thing to consider with suggesting this to your IT provider VS doing it yourself is support - if you put this together you'll likely end up supporting it too, and it's generally a PITA to support users remotely (especially if they can use their own computers, not company provided ones), and I can almost guarantee people will expect you to help them with this out of hours too.
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    Takes me about an hour to set up OpenVPN from scratch, including a Certificate Authority, AD integration, and combined config/certificate export.

    Less if it's bundled into something like pfSense.

    In the time this thread has been alive, I've set up VPN access for two different sites. Not even kidding. Just get it done.
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    Do this. Also since you've purchased a fortigate anyway, get your supplier to ask fortigate to cut you a VM license for the amount of months required until the appliance arrives.

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