Ethylene Glycol or Propylene Glycol or coolant 'X' with specific plastic tubing guide table...

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    Hi All,

    I'm sure many of you for one reason or another wondered... "hmmm that coolant at Supercheap Auto could probably do the trick...?" I certainly did many times in the past.

    Well here is a table of facts about what chemicals can run in tubing compounds.
    For example, common questions asked...
    • "Will EPDM (EK's ZMT tubes) be ok with ethylene glycol or propelyne glycol coolant mixtures (car coolant mix)?"
    • "Can the clear vinyl soft tubing at Bunnings work with glycol coolant mixes at bunnings?"

    Table of substance vs tubing material

    As you can see in the table, most car coolant mixes which use ethylene glycol or propelyne glycol are fine with EPDM and PVC tubing. The caveat is that the coolant temperature stays within the specified range.
    For example...
    • Pope Clear Vinyl tubing from Bunnings is rated to 60C max, at that temperature it will probably start leaching.
    • EK's ZMT is rated to 110C.
    • Certain Tygon tubings go even higher
    • Automotive grade soft tubing goes higher than above
    Above is not really relevant to those using distilled water and do good regular maintenance and flushing. I've been burnt twice with water even with all the additives so I just use coolant now and never looked back (I used distilled water before 2013, started watercooling in 2006). I'm also lazy to do maintenance more than once every 2-3 years. I prefer just topping up the reservoir and use clear tubing and clear waterblock-tops with clear propelyne glycol coolant mix to make sure all is fine in the essential parts and no gunk and discoloration in the loop. That said my Tygon has gone a little yellow after 6 years (well it is 6 years!).

    Well that's been my experience after all these years. Hope it helps whoever is reading this if they ever wondered or wanted to try it or wanted to do things on the cheap (bunnings and supercheap auto parts).

    EDIT NOTE: Thought EK's EPDM tubes went to 70C, but it is actually on paper spec to 110C. Better than Tygon Norprene, but Norprene is clear. There are many Tygon's that are better. In the following link you can add a max temperature column (in farenheit, just google convert it).
    https://www.processsystems.saint-go...:name=Thermoplastic Elastomer Flexible Tubing
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    Interesting. I was wondering about regular coolants. I just drained my distilled loop and filled back up with ek cryo clear, thinking I'll be right for a while
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